Friday, November 25, 2011

Well, fuck it ... Time to blog and Tumbl

I've had a Tumblr for about six months, but I've not used it. Just a couple of reposts. I've already got a blog, a small Web site, Facebook and Twitter to keep up with. I figured no time for Tumblr.

But fuck it. It's time to start writing again. Be it on this blog or on the Tumblr account, it's time. So join me. Send me your thoughts, or just piss me off. It's time to write once again.

Diana's Tumblr

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Billy Kravitz said...

Boy are you right. Most of those other sites (most, but not all) are rehashes of whats already available. I sign up for them, but then forget where they are and how to use them two seconds later. Then they fill up my in-box (already over 2,000 on a 'good' day)(I never throw nothing out) with notes wanting to know where I am and what gives? Keep doin' what you're good at. Keep vampire-ing up Atlantic City