Thursday, June 30, 2011

More of Today's TwitterFic

There's more to come later tonight, but for now I have to get some work done. Enjoy the #TwitterFic. Let me know if you've got a favorite that I've missed in posting.


As she reached for the apparently untended book, Shana heard the warning growl. "Ah," she said. "This must belong to the @Literarygrrrl."

Too late, scientists discovered that @Morbidementia was the result of the Zombie virus - not the cause.

For @Liz_Downey St. was the culmination of her dreams. She was Queen now. And it didn't matter one bit that her subjects were all Zombies.

Once @suzisquared off her fangs, they thought it impossible for her to bite anymore. Silly humans: Vampires regenerate.

Afer he located @Janelle_Jensen boarded up the windows against the horde. Too late, Jenson realized that Janelle had been bitten.

Few painters wanted the commission the Zombie offered for her portrait, but Dennis was a @decadentartist, and he didn't mind the smell.

As a @WerewolfMike didn't mind cold, rain nor snow. It was the fleas that drove him into the arms of the Zombie horde.

"Yo @benmind the store for me while I'm gone." What Ben didn't know was that Miller wasn't coming back, as outside the door was the horde.

The Zombie found that being @EndlesslyDead wasn't near as appealing as he thought. But that was before Catherine crossed over.

They thought her a @fictionalgypsy until the curse took hold, and they found themselves thinner day by day.

#TwitterFic - All for now, but more to come

Yeah, I'm at work, and I'm supposed to be turning my fingers bony with jobs. But I skipped out for a moment to post these. More to come later on.

When we found @PatrickRahall face down in the swamp, we thought him dead. When he got to his feet, we realized Patrick had joined the horde.

Even as a Zombie, Melissa chose to be a @Starving_Writer, as she never developed a taste for human flesh.

We didn't know it was haunted until the @CreepyWalker skittered across the kitchen floor without the aid of its owner.

They called @BlueSleighty, because of her cunning and sly ways. She was always one step ahead of the Zombie horde.

No one thought Kristin a @Kreepylady, until the neighborhood children she had over for a soda and snacks, returned home with the Zombie Virus.

Helping @JasonEscape turned out to be a bad move on Copperfield's part, as the latter soon fell behind, and into the jaws of the horde.

Speaking slowly, she emphasized the A in the middle of @JulieALindsey. The Zombie nodded as if he understood, but didn't care who he ate.

When he plucked @HerBloodyHeart from her chest, the doctor had no idea she was already a Zombie. When she sat up, he fainted - an easy meal.

@RebeccaTLittle had the most curious smile: Open and friendly, just like her eyes. So it surprised us to find out she was the #BloodThief.

No one ever thought to ask @AllanDouglasDgn what the Dgn actually stood for, until it was too late, and the dungeon door slammed shut.

The crowd thought it had the perpetrator when it gave chase to the @HoodedMan. But, he was a decoy, leading them into the jaws of the horde.

We didn't know the @RubyTombstone was cursed, until the dead began to rise from the cemetery. By then, it was too late.

Seeing Pinky fall to the Zombie horde had been heartbreaking. But still, Tonya thanked the stars that she was @fasterthanpinky

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TwitterFic - This should Catch Me Up!

I believe that this post catches me up with all of the TwitterFic that I've posted to the Twitter stream. If I've missed one of your favorites, let me know.

As Kim shifted, folks drew back in terror. But one numbnuts had the gall to refer to her as @barkergirl22. He's dead now, bloody shreds.

It's only when @laurajeanwrites that she's liable to kill. Most folks have the sense to stay away. The rest are buried out back.

"We told Eve to @AskArabella before she went outside." Lola shook her head. "Eve didn't listen, and she was taken by the zombie horde."

"Yo, that's not @LKHamilton. It's Anita Blake." Mr. Gentry cocked an eyebrow. "How can you tell?" Merry replied: "Easy. Laurell's a zombie."

At first, I thought it was just @Some_Stalker. When I realized it was a zombie, I opened fire and ran screaming ahead of the horde.

She enunciated each letter of her name: "@_andraya_, like a ray gun." The zombie nodded as though it understood, then lunged at her face.

"Don't be @ShyAbby," the Zombie growled. "I've only been dead a week." Abby wasn't one to be taken in, and pulled the trigger.

The zombies stared at the transmitter, then screeched when it squawked to life: "I've got you @jbird5x5. Take care, bud. Zombies near you."

@Some_Stalker followed me as I walked last Friday. I waited for him at the bar. As he rounded the corner unaware, I slashed his throat.

With the appearance of the @AngelZapata thought safety from the horde was near. Only later, did Zapata notice the angel's salvering jaws.

"Dude, I'm telling you. Those were some fucking @Twisted_Twins." Bubba turned and spit. "They had a fucking @_DeadHooker in the Trunk!"

The Big @bobaloo0 had some 'splaining to do, 'cause Ricky wasn't interested in Lucy's Zombie Love Bites.

If she hadn't been @ShyAbby would have realized he only wanted her for her brains: Zombies have one track minds.

"Really, Wendy. That's all @FictionNFoibles," Rory said. "There's no such thing as Zombies." Outside, the horde turned as one.

Jason's ability to put @Fear_In_Words was not enough to deter the horde. The zombies breached the compound and took him for their own.

Townsfolk were used to calling on @reverendmatty during times of trouble. So it was natural to alert him first to the Zombie horde.

"Go get @The_Android_Guy," Nick called out. "We'll need it to fight the Zombies." Unfortunately, Guy had already been taken by the horde.

Not wanting to give English Zombies what they desired most, Billy contacted the @KidneyRegistry, and robbed the Zombies of part of the pie.

I wasn't quite sure what to do with the @FesteringCorpse. It was dead and doing no harm. So I pushed it from the roof to the Zombies below.

"These beakers are special," Todd said. "They're made from @MGallowglas, impervious to all but the Zombie virus." Rob looked up: "Oops."

Leading the @Screamqueenarmy against the Zombie horde seemed like a good idea at the time, though later Chris came to regret it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tonight's TwitterFic - It's about You

If we had realized it was @neilhimself, we would have let the Zombie pass. As it was, the only one who have recognized Gaiman had been taken by the horde.

It was an odd tune that the @Strange_Grl sang, yet still we were happy that the Zombie followed her through the streets.

When @MinaBurrows beneath the covers, the room clears quickly as we know that she's about to shift.

When Diana @BentAlice over the balcony, we were certain they'd fall to their deaths. We needn't have worried, as they were both already dead

I prefer my life a @Rubyviolence, sweet and soaked in blood.

In fighting the Zombie horde, she preferred her guns to match her taste in men: @bigrhardrfastr

Linus hated visiting the @pumpkinmorgue, but couldn't avoid the police demand to identify Charlie Brown's body. "Curse you, Great Pumpkin!"

"Dude, if you offer a @zombieliquorice, it loses interest in brains!" Unfortunately, Jason took Jeff at his word.

Lenora laid out her best @BloodBoneChina for her guests. Unfortunately, the Zombie horde made it to dinner ahead of the invited.

It's rarely known, but Poe, when excited, spoke with a slight lisp that was most evident in the line "Quoths the @ssraven nevermore."

Zombies proved to be more evasive than @claypigeons45, but a shotgun was still a good choice against the horde.

She was @born_fighting, and that's how she lives: A knife to the throat of life, demanding more of each moment.

She was such a @Lovely_Corpse, that when she was reanimated as a Zombie, we didn't have the heart to put her down.

"Don't let @Allykiss you," he warned. "Her eyes can bedazzle a butterfly. There's no telling what a kiss will do." Still, I sought her lips.

When @emilystorms into the room, we know there's bad news to follow. This time it was the worst news possible: "The horde approaches," she said.

Even More TwitterFic

Yeah, I've been slacking on posting the TwitterFic to the blog, and I've gotten behind again. Damnit. But this will put me a few ahead.


"When it comes to zombies, there's no such thing as @semidead!" Unfortunately, his warning came to late to save Chris and Joe.

KARA THRACE: I thought Stargate was a @fairheroseries, but Battlestar Galactica was the series really kicked ass.

When it was over, @TonyPulp'd the zombie, made it to milkshakes, and served the shakes during the neighborhood barbecue

@RebeccaTLittle had a sweet smile and engaging eyes that encouraged victims to willingly draw closer.

The need to @Krushneurotik, sparkly vampires had been a part of Kema's make-up for as long as she knew. Then one day, she found that staking worked just fine.

"I think we should wait for @fairweatherabi." She glanced outside at a sudden thud. "Meteor showers are not the same as rain showers."

@suzisquared off the stake before plunging it into the sparkly wannabe vamp, because Suzi wanted it to hurt as much as possible.

"We found the @ChicRocking that bastard, boss." He waved his gun. "Shit. I thought she was going to kill us next!"

When she told him to "@SayeMyName," he didn't realize the horror that he was about to unleash upon the world.

It was a cold and @DarkWynter when we found the zombie child, and we took the birth of the dead one as a portent of future things.

"Don't touch the @ZombieAldous!" But Aldous heard the cry too late, and drew back a nub. Now, he's part of the horde.

"Adjust that @IVKelly!" the doctor fumed. Nurse Kelly snatched up a syringe and plunged it into his eye. "Learn respect," she said.

The vampire's was guise was uncovered when he accepted a @SlimCigarettee, and was torched by the flame of the match.

Friday, June 24, 2011

More of Today's TwitterFic

Making the sign of an @L_Bushman tried to confuse the Zombie. Unfortunately, the zombie knew ASL, and bit off Bushman's finger.

It was @SinMacD'lighted in. Everything else - including the righteously indignant - could just sod off.

No one knew that it was possessed, until the @CreepyWalker dragged the old man into traffic.

I like my world gritty and savage, dark like Sin City, and filled with @RubyViolence.

As the dark, green plant-like substance rolled over the city, Dennis noted that the @Phungus_Amongus was their last hope at stopping the horde.

When I found the @_DeadHooker in the Trunk, I know that somehow, the @Twisted_Twins were involved: Jen and Slyv rarely pass on mayhem.

Keimi made such a @Lovely_Corpse. We thought a shame when the reanimator came by, so we fed the latter to the Zombie horde.

When the Zombie horde swept through Canada, Jen was one of the first taken. Sylv followed willingly, so they could remain @Twisted_Twins.

It was an omen that told Damien Walters Grintalis to shorten her name to @DWGrintalis. But we still knew what lurked inside.

"I @AMPosey," she announced to the crowd. "And these are my works." But alas - Poetry is wasted on the Zombie horde.

"That @Verland_Lives is undisputed," he said, shaking his head. "It's whether he can survive the night with the horde at his heels that's in question."

As a @ZombieAldous found himself happier than he'd ever been. Eat, sleep. Eat, sleep. Still, he thought something was missing.

Not one for politics, Catherine steered clear of the argument over whether Zombies should be called dead-alive, or @EndlesslyDead.

They followed the @RaVeN___X marked the spot. But the treasure they found belonged to the Living Dead Girl.

Ever dashing, Zorro chose to mark his foes with a @CapitolZ. The Zombie, however, was neither amused, nor a fan of fancy swordsmanship.

The Zombies were starving, and needed a snack. Luckily, they found @2GirlsOnaBench just in time for Friday brunch.

Over the years, we came to understand his widsom, and his sayings were known as @Lesism's. Unfortunately, that's after the Zombie bit him.

I asked her to @SayeMyName, and when she finally moaned the words, I was free! Let me tell you straight; freedom is overrated.

I was reading one of @allieburkebooks when I heard a rapping, a tapping, a banging at my door. Twas a Zombie. Only this, and nothing more.

Today's TwitterFic -

They caught @AlexSeverin the body, dividing it into easily stored sections for later consumption.

His name was @StuStoryTeller, a moniker he'd earned for his time spent with the horde, disguised as a zombie. The story was in how he survived.

Zombie growls weren't common. Mostly they screeched. But the @Z0mbieGrrl's voice was low, threatening and gutteral.

"Don't be @ShyAbby," I said and reached out to the girl in the corner. Too late, I realized she'd joined the horde and drew back a nub.

I didn't realize the @_DeadHooker in the trunk had friends: @Twisted_Twins - known as Psychotic and Merciless.

"Stick to @horrorwritindad," the boy said as he looked up from his comic. "Just tell the truth about the horde. You'll be famous."

I'd never seen @XanderGrimm before, and when I asked him why, Xander lifted his arm. The bite was clear. I shot him on the spot.

As the Zombie virus ate away at her brain, she began to lose the ability to articulate vowels. She growled out her name: "@Literarygrrrl."

When @laurajeanwrites, she's transported into another world, and the rest of us are left wondering where she's gone.

Though she was @Ready4Doomsday, Athena didn't count on spending it safely as part of the Zombie horde.

They had so many questions to @AskArabella: How she survived; how many zombies were out there; why she decided to eat Lola.

John slipped the @99blujeep into gear and stepped hard on the gas. Unfortunately, the transmission was shot, and the horde gained ground quickly.

There's not much difference between the @russianhoneybee and the American variety. So long as you don't count the Zombie virus.

They found @kendallgrey1 and pasty. "You all right?" Evelyn asked. Kendall smiled and bit through the woman's arm: They joined the horde.

As a @Newswriter22, Sean thought he'd seen it all. But the bodies spread before him had been savaged. "Zombies?" he wondered.

As a @farmerdarrell knew success. He planted corpses, and was rewarded with Zombies springing from the earth.

Once out of the @KageAlan loped off into the night. He would shift and take revenge. Tonight, he would eat.

As a @Monstermatt thought that he was free of the infection. That was until a Zombie ripped out his guts.

@carolelynngill didn't realize the knock at the door was a Zombie checking for life inside. She called out innocently, "Who's there?"

I found a pile of @DustinAshe on the floor. That's when I knew that he had been staked.

Instead of tagging his child with the unweildly name of Satan Diablo Lucifer the Third, he compromised with the unique name of @threecifer.

The pagan shifted and howled under the @MeadowMoon. This alerted the horde, and the now dead-alives stalk the werewolf.

When Deacon was invited to the @BunnyReview, he had something different in mind that a cage full of rabid rabbits.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just a couple for now

But I'll add more later today. These are the originals that I wrote this morning.

It's only when @laurajeanwrites that she's liable to kill. Most folks have the sense to stay away. The rest are buried out back.

The shopkeeper scurried up the ladder and took the doll labeled @MDollBurlesque from the shelf. "I promise," he said. "This one moves."

Since the Zombie Apocalypse, Kiran had grown used to combining things of necessity. Hence, her gear and and calendar had become @calanagear.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TwitterFic - Almost caught up. I need to write more

Yeah, I'm catching up a little at a time. Only a few behind. Let me know what you think.


She searched museums and boutiques for @artbymimulux, but it wasn't till the zombie tore out her guts that she found the artist was inside.

"Shit!" Craig shook his head. "Those bastards are smarter than we thought. I was just listening to a @zombieradioshow!"

"Yo! @keithlatch1 that door, before the zombies get in here." Alas, Keith was too busy telling impossible stories to latch the door.

They knew that the chances of @SoniaCharming1 the snake were small. What they didn't know was that the snake was a Zombie Nagin.

@lympha13 The real challenge is working with a @Nomar_Knight. Those folks are known for their precision and sharp broadswords.

No one thought to ask the @ApiarySociety if bees could be infected by the zombie virus until it was too late to make a difference.

We knew the monster was made of crystal. What we didn't know - and weren't prepared for - was that it was @kNotOfGod

Monday, June 20, 2011

The latest TwitterFic

I've still got some of the older ones that I need to get online, but I've realized that I'll have to post these as I come up with them, or I'll end up behind again. Just three more for now. But more to come.

No one realized Cinderella was a vampire, until the sun reduced her to @DustinAshe. Now the sisters clean the hearth.

The vampire's was guise was uncovered when he accepted a @SlimCigarette, and was torched the flame of the match.

"Look, dude, I'll explain it one more time. The tin can is first base, second base is the @ZombieN3rd base is that chick by the fence."

I have a name for it - TwitterFic

Yet another batch of flash fiction, though now I have one of those cutsey names that I'm thinking of attaching - #TwitterFic. Yeah, I know. But I'm feeling pissy today, so I don't want to hear it.


"We require @Fear_In_Words if we're to convince the populace," he said. "Begin the #Follow."

Vader didn't know what he was saying when he said, "Come on over to the @Darkside_Girl." The former jedi never knew what hit him.

"Shit." The officer shook her head. "Not another zombie dog." She sighed and keyed her microphone. "Better call in the @Poodlewrestler."

Bubba opened the doors and squinted into the gloom of the @BlackZombiePub. He was sure she had come in here. But all saw was was a banquet table.

Though Steven pitched his invention at every opportunity, he wasn't able to interest folks in @BergerWrite, the automatic hamburger pen.

They thought if @suzisquared her fangs, the bloodthirst would abate. They were wrong; the fangs grew back. Now they regret the suggestion.

The Big @bobaloo0 had some 'splaining to do, 'cause Ricky wasn't interested in Lucy's Zombie Love Bites.

If she hadn't been @ShyAbby would have realized he only wanted her for her brains: Zombies have one track minds.

"Were it not for the betrayal--" She bit her lip and turned away. "It was @TreacheryAntho. That's how the zombies got in the compound."

"Dude, it wasn't until Chris took command that the @Screamqueenarmy got organized and secured the compound against the horde."

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Still More Twitter-style Flash Fiction

Each one of these is hand-coded. That is, I have to link the username back to the Twitter account for this to make any sense. You need to see the people online to get a little bit more from the short stories. Take the username links if you've got a Twitter account. That way, you'll see what I'm saying.

He liked to be called "His Majesty," and demanded that we #follow two steps back. Behind him, we shortened it to @HMMADNESS

FAMOUS LAST WORDS: "Let him out of the @KageAlan." I nodded toward the cell. "I'm sure he won't shift tonight."

For now, she survived the Zombie Apocalypse. But that's only because she was @fasterthanpinky.

"Kneel?" The vampire grinned widely, showing sharp fangs. "@SayeMyName, demon, and then we'll dance."

They had tried guns and knives. Nothing seemed to work. But a stake carved from red oak, plunged into his heart, left him @DustinAshe

"There were two of them," she told police. "I think they were @twisted_twins." The cop nodded. "They found the @_DeadHooker in the Trunk."

NEWS FLASH - Old man beats three punks to death at local department store. He blames his @CreepyWalker More information to #follow

She looks sweet and innocent. But @RebeccaTLittle has a wild side that escapes in her work

YA writer with style: @sirra_girl

Still More Twitter-style Flash Fiction

Each one of these is hand-coded. That is, I have to link the username back to the Twitter account for this to make any sense. You need to see the people online to get a little bit more from the short stories. Take the username links if you've got a Twitter account. That way, you'll see what I'm saying.

He liked to be called "His Majesty," and demanded that we #follow two steps back. Behind him, we shortened it to @HMMADNESS

FAMOUS LAST WORDS: "Let him out of the @KageAlan." I nodded toward the cell. "I'm sure he won't shift tonight."

For now, she survived the Zombie Apocalypse. But that's only because she was @fasterthanpinky.

"Kneel?" The vampire grinned widely, showing sharp fangs. "@SayeMyName, demon, and then we'll dance."

They had tried guns and knives. Nothing seemed to work. But a stake carved from red oak, plunged into his heart, left him @DustinAshe

"There were two of them," she told police. "I think they were @twisted_twins." The cop nodded. "They found the @_DeadHooker in the Trunk."

NEWS FLASH - Old man beats three punks to death at local department store. He blames his @CreepyWalker More information to #follow

She looks sweet and innocent. But @RebeccaTLittle has a wild side that escapes in her work

YA writer with style: @sirra_girl

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I've written more than a hundred Twitter Flash Fiction pieces

Still churning them out. At first, I wasn't saving them to my hard drive. I was just posting them as I went to Twitter. Now I save them all so I can look back and try not to duplicate any. Here's another batch:

The wizard pulled the curtain back and dismissed the foursome. "Send them away," his mother said. "Yes, @ladyozma."

The @_DeadHooker in the Trunk was found early by the @twisted_twins. O the mayhem that ensued was truly delicious.

"Come over to the @Darkside_Girl," he said. Vader was such a piker. He had no idea of the darkness she'd carried life-long.

His name was Steven before the "Blood Skies" opened and rained hell into his life. Now he's known as @daezarkian

She looked sweet and innocent, but I knew that @lympha13 had a heart of mayhem

Though the creature was beautiful, I knew it was @kNotOfGod. Still, I #followed her into her lair

If you're going to ink your skin, do it with art by the Grim Reaper's daughter - @vickideath

He portrayed himself as warm and fuzzy. But deep down, I knew he was an @EvilEyeMonster

"They move in the night." She sipped her water and looked back to the doctor. "What should I do?" He nodded. "Hold onto @yourStillDoll."

Follow the woman who was @born_fighting. She stands tall, and there's comfort in the shadow she casts.

Diana Trees - Even more Twitter Flash Fiction

"Look," he said. "All I'm saying is if you pray to the @godOFnOObs, you'll get that extra RAM you've been asking for."

"Look. Follow this carefully." He nodded. I proceeded. "Take the @spiralbead and pierce it. It's the only way to be sure of what

Cinderella swept the @DustinAshe and bones from the floor and grumbled: "Why is it always me who has to #follow a staking?"

"When I saw that @ChicRocking, I thought, WOW!" He shook his head; bits of flesh fell off. "I didn't know she studied under Takashi Miike!"

The student screamed, a long red shriek, before falling to the floor. "Tsh," she said. "That's what you get for putting on @TheWitchesHat."

Hunting season started early this year, when @OneBuckHorror gored three hunters to death. #Follow the season to see if the deer lives.

So, I found a @_DeadHooker in a Trunk, and I was like WTF? Then I remembered the @twisted_twins had borrowed my car. *sheesh*

"Well, captain. All I can say is that before he died, he gargled out a name ... sort of ... said it was the @LadyofARR."

"Go get me the @Chainsaw_Sally." @ssraven looked up from the body. "Looks like we have dinner plans after all."

Yes. She's sweet. But if you let @Allykiss you, you'll be lost forever. Better to #follow and pine.

"I know Death," the vampire said. "Sweet guy, tough job." She smiled: a mouthful of razors. "Now, @SayeMyName, my sweet decadent girl."

Friday, June 17, 2011

Diana Trees' Latest Flash Fiction

I'm catching up with the Flash a bit at a time. This is what I posted tonight. I'm going to format it, then it's off to sleep.

As a spy's name, Filomena Codswaddle Cootiecatcher was too obtrusive. So she shortened it to @FC_Cootie for anonymity to hide in shadows.

On @MundieMike took out the trash. Unfortunately, trash day was Tuesday. Monday was zombie day. Now Mike's part of the horde.

They thought it was the Masters of Horror who dished out the terrors, but it was the @HorrorMistress who skinned and dished out the Masters.

"Yo, dude! I'm sure @ItsMikeandIke at the door. Go ahead and open it!" But he was wrong, and Zombies crashed into the room.

When Vader started @Darkside_Films, he didn't know that he'd opened the doorway for the @Darkside_Girl.

"Momma?" The boy looked up. "I @MissDeAnnah." Momma shook her head and sighed. "Sorry, child. She's gone to join the Zombie horde."

The Latest in 140-Character (or less) Flash Fiction

@ssraven examined @TheSplinterCell under a microscope. "Yep," she said. "Lots of zombie juice left in this one."

They warned me not to @Scream_Horror in church. But I just wanted to see 'em jump.

She was @born_fighting, and that's how she lives. #Follow the madness.

"Dude, I don't think it's clicking on all cylinders." The mechanic sighed. "What do you expect? It's not a car. It's an @AlteredRadio."

"Dude! What happened to you?" The guy pulled himself to his knees and looked up. "I'm not sure. I think I was run over by a @Minotaur_Man."

She was undead long before taking command of the cruiser. But after she stormed into command, she was known as @CaptainCruella.

The gulf that separated them was vast, and that's why she killed him with a bite. It was the only way to have an @UndeadHoneymoon.

A @MeadowMoon hung low in the night sky, and the werewolf howled his rage: He knew he would be forced to #follow.

"Look," he said. "I love the girl, but you've got to know that @ChastityBites." I looked back at him. "Well, at least she's not a #zombie."

My daughter likes to create @deadlydolls in the shape of her favorite Glee characters. The dolls #follow her everywhere.

They thought it peculiar that she was @AfraidOSunlight, but didn't connect her to the recent spate of bloodless corpses.

It's morning, and I've much to say

But that will have to wait. I've got another batch of Flash Fiction coming up later in the day. I have so much to catch up on. Writing the has exercised my brain, but now I'm thinking shorter and shorter. I need to get back to my longer writing.

My daughter's birthday was last week, and I took her out to look at an iPad. Both of us are writers. We wondered whether the keyboard on an iPad would work out for an author. In the end, she settled on another laptop. iPad's are cool, but neither of us was sure that it would work for a writer - a serious writer. If any of you have experience with the iPad as a serious writing tool, I'd like to hear from you.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crap. Just lost a big chunk of change every month

I was kicking along today in a great mood. Everything was going fine, until the finance guy at work called me in to talk about health insurance. Up until now, my job was merely a brain-sucking job. After the little talk, it became an all around drain.

My health insurance was paid up until this afternoon. Today, he told me that I would have to chip in USD$180 a month to help pay for my own insurance. And that comes out after taxes.

Damn. That's too much. Nearly a 10 percent of my salary gone in a single moment. What's worse, is that I'll have to write them a check each month. Fuck. That's like a bill. A huge bill.

I've got to find a new job. *sigh*

Using Flash Fiction to Hone Writing Skills

Over the years, I've written a lot of Flash Fiction, but none so challenging as "Twitter-style" FF. Limiting an idea to 140 characters, while including at least one username, is helluva workout for my creative (and sometimes violent!) side. I have to squeeze the thoughts as small as possible, yet still get the point across. For most of them, I'm successful. A few -- eh!

I've written poetry off and on for years, and that likely helps me to create these ultra short-short pieces of work. Poetry demands economy. I also worked as a copy editor for a newspaper for a number of years. Copy editors write headlines - another exercise in short writing. Have a look at the ones posted below. I've got more to come.

"The name's Death, @VickiDeath." She threw her card on the table and I picked it up. It's the last thing I remember.

"I had no idea that you'd become a @Vampiregigi!" His eyes were wide at her sharp fangs. "Yeah. And I don't freaking sparkle."

"Darlin," he said. "I want a @ParaYourNormal pants, not these ghostly, see-through things." That's when I hit him.

"Damn, that @syco_punk got brain juice on my feet." I held the gun level. "You sure he didn't bite you?"

It was an unfortunate oversight involving pants that earned him the name @Milo_Moon

"You don't always need a @Chainsaw_Sally." @ssraven looked up and grinned. "Sometimes, you just need a rope."

Bells ring; Angels get wings. Cars beep; People die. That's why they call him @TheHornedReaper.

Fifteen zombies beat down the heavy doors of the hospital. "Don't just stand there," she said. "This is your call to @ActionChick."

"No, dummy. Not the feet." He huffed and clenched his teeth. "I told you. I want @TheTweetOfGod."

Twitter Style - Flash Fiction in 140 Characters or Less

When it came time to sign a treaty with the zombies, the humans called in @the_wordgirl, not realizing her undead sympathies

Snape's youngest cousin never got over being named after his famous relative. Yet, folks wondered why @seversparts became a serial killer.

Though she was left battered and @Tattered_Star stood facing the zombie horde, little realizing that ghouls were at her back

It was @JezebelsBody that gave her away: She was up to no good.

In @Texas_Cupcake wars were common after the New Wave Reformation. It's how the menfolk settled their differences, while women preferred shoot-outs.

The @Lastman_onearth planned to die fighting zombies, until he found out about the @Zombie_Vixen leading the horde. "Total babe," he said.

A penguin stopped dancing long enough to addres, @PaoloMateo. "You think too much," the penguin said. "You saw the march, but missed the flight."

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flash Fiction - 140 Characters or Less

"Can you describe the car that hit you?" The cop held pencil to paper. "Yeah, it was a @99blujeep that was #following me too closely."

When written down, folks found it harder to #follow @Mabbierulez than first expected. The rulez were arbitrary and involved unicorns at sea.

"Music is the best therapy, but @ImHaunted by visions." He handed her a camera. "Show me what's inside your head."

"Yo @Todd_Russell me up some grub!" Frank, unfortunately, didn't realize that Todd had been bitten by a zombie.

"We need to dump @JezebelsBody before she turns." His nerves were shattered by the recent violence. "Hey! Did she just move?"

The floors were slick with blood, a @Rubyviolence of mayhem and madness.

No one knew Poe was a zombie until after he bit her. Now she's known as the @Literarygrrrl, because she growls when she reads.

It was her @ZombieFetish that allowed her to join the horde. But it was her style that allowed her to lead it.

He criticized her work as a @neurotic_review. She stabbed him in the eye with a hat pin. "What did you expect?"

Short-short Twitter stories

"@BiteNice," he said. "Fuck that," I thought, and tore out his throat. (and not a sparkle to be seen)

"@SayeMyName," she said. "Go ahead. I dare you." I started to speak, then realized the ruse.

"No, Johnny. There's no such thing as an @EvilEyeMonster." That's when I bit the head off of Johnny's dad.

Good reading at her site, but I've said it before: There's something dangerous in the eyes of @allieburkebooks.

"The door! Goddammit! The door!" I whacked him with @myzombiejournal, but it was too late: They were inside.

"So, can do @SPCWrite?" She sighed, twirled her ink pen, then stabbed him in the eye. "If you gotta ask ..."

"Don't worry, dude," he called out. "It's @Just_Alison." Too late, they found out she'd been bitten. Now zombies own the compound.

@shehesitated long enough for the zombie to get close. He was an old boyfriend, after all. That thought led her to grab the sledgehammer

It followed her everywhere, until they became single word: letters jammed together as a whole @judyblackcloud. One day, came the lightning.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You've got a Username, I've got a Story

When choosing between the gems and his life, greed got the best of him. @BloodyEmeralds mark the spot where he made his last stand.

He pulled a pin from his cheek. "No tears please, it's a waste of suffering." That was the cue for @_Spo0ky_ music.

He shuddered, and his skin twitched with the @KnightChills that fed his fever. Outside, the horde howled it's impatience.

"Don't be @ShyAbby." The zombie stepped forward. She'd never known one that could speak; that's why in end, she let it get too close

No one had seen a @zombie_skill in the past: Humanity thought Zombies untrainable. That's how the horde managed to grow unchecked.

With the world burned to @Ash_Zombiie Ashton was all that was left - starving.

Jason was on his way to a normal childhood, until he found out the "L" in @JasonLVorhees stood for "Laverne."

Satan snarled and angrily snatched back the contract. He'd been bested again, this time by the third generation - @Gabrielle_Faust

The Latest 140-Character Flash

@SarahSpann'd the distance twixt her and the zombie with the bar of a Poulan chainsaw - getting just close enough for the rip and tear.

RECIPE FOR FLYING COW: 2 Diddles, Cat, Fiddle, Dish, Spoon, Cow, @MoonFly_Fairie Dust - Combine ingredients, mix well for dimensional shift

Mulder wasn't one to read @Securityfiles, as they were rarely as daring as those marked with a red X. Three Xs meant extra daring.

Zombie bites aren't just fatal, but hell on the complexion. Being dead robs the cheeks of rosy red. That's why she's known as @kendallgrey1.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Even More 140-Character Flash Fiction

"Look. All I'm saying is that we need a @realexorcist." She shook her head, and smoothed the covers. "Nah. Don't worry. Reagan will pull out of this."

Charlie Brown hated visiting the @pumpkinmorgue, but that was the last place he'd seen Linus.

"I'm saying: Find @DaPinkZombie, and we can put an end to this Apocalypse!" What he didn't say, was that he knew exactly where she was.

Billy sat in the corner, his ring man stitching cuts and swaddling blood. "Shit," he said. "I should'a known better than to take on a woman who was @born_fighting."

At first, the zombie nearly shuffled by the @2GirlsOnaBench, but shifted course at the last moment - additions to the horde.

It was a @MeadowMoon bright and yellow that caught my night eye and forced me to shed my skin. Tonight, I howl.

She didn't care what others had to say. She would #follow her @pagansister, no matter where the path might lead.

No matter how many appearances, nor sheep eaten, the Monster of @LakeLopez never got the press of the more famous cousin Nessie.

I found a @_DeadHooker in a Trunk, and I knew that the @twisted_twins were up to their old tricks.

Everyone thought she was @RowansWitch16. I mean, he as much as said so. But one day, the madness was released, and it was clear she was her own.

Samuel L. Jackson was first up for the lead in @snakebitehorror, but backed off when he found out they were using real snakes.

"Let's wait for @fairweatherabi. I mean this rain will be the death of me." Abi swung her axe neck high. "Zombies don't talk," she said.

"Hey! Did you see @thezombiemike?" Mike turned around: his cheek was ripped away. "No, dude. Are you going to eat that?"

No one had seen the @AlaskanNovelist for a month, and they feared bears had taken the journalist. Then the vampires showed up.

I had no idea the the @twisted_twins were so - well - twisted, until I found a @_DeadHooker in a Trunk.

Billy sat in the corner, his ring man stitching cuts and swaddling blood. "Shit," he said. "I should'a known better than to take on a woman who was @born_fighting."

Fourteen people crowded into @thewritershouse, until the landlord showed up. She moved in. Now there's 15.

She was at the library looking for @spookyreads when she found the Necronomicon. She mistook it for a cookbook. Now we're all in the soup.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Latest 140-character Flash Fiction on Twitter

When they told BillyHalloween wasn't coming this year, he bought a hockey mask and joined his brother, Jason.

In the WastelandMike found the cure to the Zombie Apocalypse. He smashed it, in favor of population control.

They called him Steven before he invoked the ritual of the Blood Skies. Now he's known as @Daezarkian the dark.

Finest horror vixens on the Net! @HorrorMistress @ssraven

The woman had been @born_fighting: That's why Eden relished her Brains.

It was the @Fear_In_Words that got her attention. Too late, she realized the zombie was in the kitchen.

"I don't know, @Mys_Moore." He shook his head and pointed at the mess on the floor. "I think that might be ghost poop."

For most of his life, he was known as Ben, till one day he shortened it to @Engel_des_Doods after a run-in with the @twisted_twins.

He'd had so many @Scifishocks in his life that by the time the zombie got him, his brain was jelly. The zombie spread it on toast.

She is the original Living Dead Girl. No need to look further.

He thought @thedarkhours referred to nighttime, until he was buried to his neck in cement - head first.

After being bitten during the Apocalypse, he didn't think he needed @zombietraining. But then he realized, he didn't have a recipe for brains.

The cops blamed her @twistedmind for the slaughter: They never thought to ask if she was just hungry.

@AS_Promotions went, it was clever. Unfortunately, the bird bit the feeding hand, and joined the zombies in the bush.

It was her @Laughing_Bones that made her skin jealous: skin rarely has a sense of humor.

"What the heck was that?" He looked back and said: "Well it wasn't a @Vampire_Ann. Vampires don't sparkle."

Zorro thought a @CapitolZ was a cool way to scare a victim. Unfortunately, the zombie didn't care for fancy swordplay.

"Dude, I think that's @nathanshumate." He looked up. "So?" I had to give him the bad news: "Nathan's a zombie, and that shoe's filled with zombie juice."

He was a creepy man with a @CreepyWalker, creepy eyes and teeth. I'm sorry. Did I say creepy? I meant downright psychotic.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


So, yeah. I'm trying to make a little money as a writer of fiction. That also means that I'll work to make some extra cash on this blog: The phony bugger compensates the activating follower.

Was that weird enough?

Flash Fiction on Twitter

I've taken the last couple of weeks off of writing, and to be honest, I'm not sure why. It's not writer's block. I don't get that. I do, however, get sluggish.

It could be Twitter. I'm addicted to the posting, and I enjoy tying people's names to mini-stories. One of the folks described it as flash fiction. In a way, I guess it's true. The stories are all 140 characters or less. Lots of fun:

APOCALYPSE BEGINS: "We were dragging @JezebelsBody into the woods, when, dammit, she sat up and took a bite out of Clem!"

Red pill. Blue pill. I was so confused. Finally, I settled on the @aussiepill.

"Yo! It's just a @ZombieAldous. No worries!" It was true: One zombie in their path. But 10 lurked in the forest.

April named her @Chainsaw_Sally because of the scream it made when slicing through flesh.

"If you want to bust this case open, you need @Kelli_McCracken." He peered out the window. "She's the one with the hammer."

To her friends, she was a @JAustenwannabe. But to those of us who bothered to #follow, she was a Reno showgirl.

There were actually two arks. One found land. The other made it to nirvana by #following @ravenofskys.