Saturday, June 18, 2011

Diana Trees - Even more Twitter Flash Fiction

"Look," he said. "All I'm saying is if you pray to the @godOFnOObs, you'll get that extra RAM you've been asking for."

"Look. Follow this carefully." He nodded. I proceeded. "Take the @spiralbead and pierce it. It's the only way to be sure of what

Cinderella swept the @DustinAshe and bones from the floor and grumbled: "Why is it always me who has to #follow a staking?"

"When I saw that @ChicRocking, I thought, WOW!" He shook his head; bits of flesh fell off. "I didn't know she studied under Takashi Miike!"

The student screamed, a long red shriek, before falling to the floor. "Tsh," she said. "That's what you get for putting on @TheWitchesHat."

Hunting season started early this year, when @OneBuckHorror gored three hunters to death. #Follow the season to see if the deer lives.

So, I found a @_DeadHooker in a Trunk, and I was like WTF? Then I remembered the @twisted_twins had borrowed my car. *sheesh*

"Well, captain. All I can say is that before he died, he gargled out a name ... sort of ... said it was the @LadyofARR."

"Go get me the @Chainsaw_Sally." @ssraven looked up from the body. "Looks like we have dinner plans after all."

Yes. She's sweet. But if you let @Allykiss you, you'll be lost forever. Better to #follow and pine.

"I know Death," the vampire said. "Sweet guy, tough job." She smiled: a mouthful of razors. "Now, @SayeMyName, my sweet decadent girl."

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