Monday, June 20, 2011

I have a name for it - TwitterFic

Yet another batch of flash fiction, though now I have one of those cutsey names that I'm thinking of attaching - #TwitterFic. Yeah, I know. But I'm feeling pissy today, so I don't want to hear it.


"We require @Fear_In_Words if we're to convince the populace," he said. "Begin the #Follow."

Vader didn't know what he was saying when he said, "Come on over to the @Darkside_Girl." The former jedi never knew what hit him.

"Shit." The officer shook her head. "Not another zombie dog." She sighed and keyed her microphone. "Better call in the @Poodlewrestler."

Bubba opened the doors and squinted into the gloom of the @BlackZombiePub. He was sure she had come in here. But all saw was was a banquet table.

Though Steven pitched his invention at every opportunity, he wasn't able to interest folks in @BergerWrite, the automatic hamburger pen.

They thought if @suzisquared her fangs, the bloodthirst would abate. They were wrong; the fangs grew back. Now they regret the suggestion.

The Big @bobaloo0 had some 'splaining to do, 'cause Ricky wasn't interested in Lucy's Zombie Love Bites.

If she hadn't been @ShyAbby would have realized he only wanted her for her brains: Zombies have one track minds.

"Were it not for the betrayal--" She bit her lip and turned away. "It was @TreacheryAntho. That's how the zombies got in the compound."

"Dude, it wasn't until Chris took command that the @Screamqueenarmy got organized and secured the compound against the horde."

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