Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TwitterFic - Almost caught up. I need to write more

Yeah, I'm catching up a little at a time. Only a few behind. Let me know what you think.


She searched museums and boutiques for @artbymimulux, but it wasn't till the zombie tore out her guts that she found the artist was inside.

"Shit!" Craig shook his head. "Those bastards are smarter than we thought. I was just listening to a @zombieradioshow!"

"Yo! @keithlatch1 that door, before the zombies get in here." Alas, Keith was too busy telling impossible stories to latch the door.

They knew that the chances of @SoniaCharming1 the snake were small. What they didn't know was that the snake was a Zombie Nagin.

@lympha13 The real challenge is working with a @Nomar_Knight. Those folks are known for their precision and sharp broadswords.

No one thought to ask the @ApiarySociety if bees could be infected by the zombie virus until it was too late to make a difference.

We knew the monster was made of crystal. What we didn't know - and weren't prepared for - was that it was @kNotOfGod


L.J. said...

I loved this, Diana! Very creative!

DianaTrees said...

Thanks, doll. It's a good way for me to practice short writing. Plus ... well ... I love to do it. I've been a poet for years. Keeping things short - condensing ideas till they scream - is what I'm all about. Makes it hard, however, to write novel-length works.

L.J. said...

You know, it always shows when one loves what they are doing. This definitely does!

DianaTrees said...

You're making blush, L.J. Now head off to Twitter for a moment and check out your own personal TwitterFic. ;)