Saturday, June 18, 2011

I've written more than a hundred Twitter Flash Fiction pieces

Still churning them out. At first, I wasn't saving them to my hard drive. I was just posting them as I went to Twitter. Now I save them all so I can look back and try not to duplicate any. Here's another batch:

The wizard pulled the curtain back and dismissed the foursome. "Send them away," his mother said. "Yes, @ladyozma."

The @_DeadHooker in the Trunk was found early by the @twisted_twins. O the mayhem that ensued was truly delicious.

"Come over to the @Darkside_Girl," he said. Vader was such a piker. He had no idea of the darkness she'd carried life-long.

His name was Steven before the "Blood Skies" opened and rained hell into his life. Now he's known as @daezarkian

She looked sweet and innocent, but I knew that @lympha13 had a heart of mayhem

Though the creature was beautiful, I knew it was @kNotOfGod. Still, I #followed her into her lair

If you're going to ink your skin, do it with art by the Grim Reaper's daughter - @vickideath

He portrayed himself as warm and fuzzy. But deep down, I knew he was an @EvilEyeMonster

"They move in the night." She sipped her water and looked back to the doctor. "What should I do?" He nodded. "Hold onto @yourStillDoll."

Follow the woman who was @born_fighting. She stands tall, and there's comfort in the shadow she casts.

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