Monday, June 27, 2011

Even More TwitterFic

Yeah, I've been slacking on posting the TwitterFic to the blog, and I've gotten behind again. Damnit. But this will put me a few ahead.


"When it comes to zombies, there's no such thing as @semidead!" Unfortunately, his warning came to late to save Chris and Joe.

KARA THRACE: I thought Stargate was a @fairheroseries, but Battlestar Galactica was the series really kicked ass.

When it was over, @TonyPulp'd the zombie, made it to milkshakes, and served the shakes during the neighborhood barbecue

@RebeccaTLittle had a sweet smile and engaging eyes that encouraged victims to willingly draw closer.

The need to @Krushneurotik, sparkly vampires had been a part of Kema's make-up for as long as she knew. Then one day, she found that staking worked just fine.

"I think we should wait for @fairweatherabi." She glanced outside at a sudden thud. "Meteor showers are not the same as rain showers."

@suzisquared off the stake before plunging it into the sparkly wannabe vamp, because Suzi wanted it to hurt as much as possible.

"We found the @ChicRocking that bastard, boss." He waved his gun. "Shit. I thought she was going to kill us next!"

When she told him to "@SayeMyName," he didn't realize the horror that he was about to unleash upon the world.

It was a cold and @DarkWynter when we found the zombie child, and we took the birth of the dead one as a portent of future things.

"Don't touch the @ZombieAldous!" But Aldous heard the cry too late, and drew back a nub. Now, he's part of the horde.

"Adjust that @IVKelly!" the doctor fumed. Nurse Kelly snatched up a syringe and plunged it into his eye. "Learn respect," she said.

The vampire's was guise was uncovered when he accepted a @SlimCigarettee, and was torched by the flame of the match.

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