Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TwitterFic - This should Catch Me Up!

I believe that this post catches me up with all of the TwitterFic that I've posted to the Twitter stream. If I've missed one of your favorites, let me know.

As Kim shifted, folks drew back in terror. But one numbnuts had the gall to refer to her as @barkergirl22. He's dead now, bloody shreds.

It's only when @laurajeanwrites that she's liable to kill. Most folks have the sense to stay away. The rest are buried out back.

"We told Eve to @AskArabella before she went outside." Lola shook her head. "Eve didn't listen, and she was taken by the zombie horde."

"Yo, that's not @LKHamilton. It's Anita Blake." Mr. Gentry cocked an eyebrow. "How can you tell?" Merry replied: "Easy. Laurell's a zombie."

At first, I thought it was just @Some_Stalker. When I realized it was a zombie, I opened fire and ran screaming ahead of the horde.

She enunciated each letter of her name: "@_andraya_, like a ray gun." The zombie nodded as though it understood, then lunged at her face.

"Don't be @ShyAbby," the Zombie growled. "I've only been dead a week." Abby wasn't one to be taken in, and pulled the trigger.

The zombies stared at the transmitter, then screeched when it squawked to life: "I've got you @jbird5x5. Take care, bud. Zombies near you."

@Some_Stalker followed me as I walked last Friday. I waited for him at the bar. As he rounded the corner unaware, I slashed his throat.

With the appearance of the @AngelZapata thought safety from the horde was near. Only later, did Zapata notice the angel's salvering jaws.

"Dude, I'm telling you. Those were some fucking @Twisted_Twins." Bubba turned and spit. "They had a fucking @_DeadHooker in the Trunk!"

The Big @bobaloo0 had some 'splaining to do, 'cause Ricky wasn't interested in Lucy's Zombie Love Bites.

If she hadn't been @ShyAbby would have realized he only wanted her for her brains: Zombies have one track minds.

"Really, Wendy. That's all @FictionNFoibles," Rory said. "There's no such thing as Zombies." Outside, the horde turned as one.

Jason's ability to put @Fear_In_Words was not enough to deter the horde. The zombies breached the compound and took him for their own.

Townsfolk were used to calling on @reverendmatty during times of trouble. So it was natural to alert him first to the Zombie horde.

"Go get @The_Android_Guy," Nick called out. "We'll need it to fight the Zombies." Unfortunately, Guy had already been taken by the horde.

Not wanting to give English Zombies what they desired most, Billy contacted the @KidneyRegistry, and robbed the Zombies of part of the pie.

I wasn't quite sure what to do with the @FesteringCorpse. It was dead and doing no harm. So I pushed it from the roof to the Zombies below.

"These beakers are special," Todd said. "They're made from @MGallowglas, impervious to all but the Zombie virus." Rob looked up: "Oops."

Leading the @Screamqueenarmy against the Zombie horde seemed like a good idea at the time, though later Chris came to regret it.

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KendallGrey said...

My fave is:

"Not wanting to give English Zombies what they desired most, Billy contacted the @KidneyRegistry, and robbed the Zombies of part of the pie"

Freaking awesome!