Thursday, June 30, 2011

#TwitterFic - All for now, but more to come

Yeah, I'm at work, and I'm supposed to be turning my fingers bony with jobs. But I skipped out for a moment to post these. More to come later on.

When we found @PatrickRahall face down in the swamp, we thought him dead. When he got to his feet, we realized Patrick had joined the horde.

Even as a Zombie, Melissa chose to be a @Starving_Writer, as she never developed a taste for human flesh.

We didn't know it was haunted until the @CreepyWalker skittered across the kitchen floor without the aid of its owner.

They called @BlueSleighty, because of her cunning and sly ways. She was always one step ahead of the Zombie horde.

No one thought Kristin a @Kreepylady, until the neighborhood children she had over for a soda and snacks, returned home with the Zombie Virus.

Helping @JasonEscape turned out to be a bad move on Copperfield's part, as the latter soon fell behind, and into the jaws of the horde.

Speaking slowly, she emphasized the A in the middle of @JulieALindsey. The Zombie nodded as if he understood, but didn't care who he ate.

When he plucked @HerBloodyHeart from her chest, the doctor had no idea she was already a Zombie. When she sat up, he fainted - an easy meal.

@RebeccaTLittle had the most curious smile: Open and friendly, just like her eyes. So it surprised us to find out she was the #BloodThief.

No one ever thought to ask @AllanDouglasDgn what the Dgn actually stood for, until it was too late, and the dungeon door slammed shut.

The crowd thought it had the perpetrator when it gave chase to the @HoodedMan. But, he was a decoy, leading them into the jaws of the horde.

We didn't know the @RubyTombstone was cursed, until the dead began to rise from the cemetery. By then, it was too late.

Seeing Pinky fall to the Zombie horde had been heartbreaking. But still, Tonya thanked the stars that she was @fasterthanpinky

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