Friday, June 24, 2011

More of Today's TwitterFic

Making the sign of an @L_Bushman tried to confuse the Zombie. Unfortunately, the zombie knew ASL, and bit off Bushman's finger.

It was @SinMacD'lighted in. Everything else - including the righteously indignant - could just sod off.

No one knew that it was possessed, until the @CreepyWalker dragged the old man into traffic.

I like my world gritty and savage, dark like Sin City, and filled with @RubyViolence.

As the dark, green plant-like substance rolled over the city, Dennis noted that the @Phungus_Amongus was their last hope at stopping the horde.

When I found the @_DeadHooker in the Trunk, I know that somehow, the @Twisted_Twins were involved: Jen and Slyv rarely pass on mayhem.

Keimi made such a @Lovely_Corpse. We thought a shame when the reanimator came by, so we fed the latter to the Zombie horde.

When the Zombie horde swept through Canada, Jen was one of the first taken. Sylv followed willingly, so they could remain @Twisted_Twins.

It was an omen that told Damien Walters Grintalis to shorten her name to @DWGrintalis. But we still knew what lurked inside.

"I @AMPosey," she announced to the crowd. "And these are my works." But alas - Poetry is wasted on the Zombie horde.

"That @Verland_Lives is undisputed," he said, shaking his head. "It's whether he can survive the night with the horde at his heels that's in question."

As a @ZombieAldous found himself happier than he'd ever been. Eat, sleep. Eat, sleep. Still, he thought something was missing.

Not one for politics, Catherine steered clear of the argument over whether Zombies should be called dead-alive, or @EndlesslyDead.

They followed the @RaVeN___X marked the spot. But the treasure they found belonged to the Living Dead Girl.

Ever dashing, Zorro chose to mark his foes with a @CapitolZ. The Zombie, however, was neither amused, nor a fan of fancy swordsmanship.

The Zombies were starving, and needed a snack. Luckily, they found @2GirlsOnaBench just in time for Friday brunch.

Over the years, we came to understand his widsom, and his sayings were known as @Lesism's. Unfortunately, that's after the Zombie bit him.

I asked her to @SayeMyName, and when she finally moaned the words, I was free! Let me tell you straight; freedom is overrated.

I was reading one of @allieburkebooks when I heard a rapping, a tapping, a banging at my door. Twas a Zombie. Only this, and nothing more.

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L.J. said...

Brilliant, once again, Diana. I always enjoyed reading these.