Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just a couple for now

But I'll add more later today. These are the originals that I wrote this morning.

It's only when @laurajeanwrites that she's liable to kill. Most folks have the sense to stay away. The rest are buried out back.

The shopkeeper scurried up the ladder and took the doll labeled @MDollBurlesque from the shelf. "I promise," he said. "This one moves."

Since the Zombie Apocalypse, Kiran had grown used to combining things of necessity. Hence, her gear and and calendar had become @calanagear.


L.J. said...

I told you, you rock, right?

DianaTrees said...


Yep. But you've got to know: I spent a lot of time on your site today (I was supposed to be working). I like that site! Indepth. Insightful. Invaluable. Good stuff through and through.

L.J. said...

Aww. Thanks so much! That means a lot!