Friday, June 24, 2011

Today's TwitterFic -

They caught @AlexSeverin the body, dividing it into easily stored sections for later consumption.

His name was @StuStoryTeller, a moniker he'd earned for his time spent with the horde, disguised as a zombie. The story was in how he survived.

Zombie growls weren't common. Mostly they screeched. But the @Z0mbieGrrl's voice was low, threatening and gutteral.

"Don't be @ShyAbby," I said and reached out to the girl in the corner. Too late, I realized she'd joined the horde and drew back a nub.

I didn't realize the @_DeadHooker in the trunk had friends: @Twisted_Twins - known as Psychotic and Merciless.

"Stick to @horrorwritindad," the boy said as he looked up from his comic. "Just tell the truth about the horde. You'll be famous."

I'd never seen @XanderGrimm before, and when I asked him why, Xander lifted his arm. The bite was clear. I shot him on the spot.

As the Zombie virus ate away at her brain, she began to lose the ability to articulate vowels. She growled out her name: "@Literarygrrrl."

When @laurajeanwrites, she's transported into another world, and the rest of us are left wondering where she's gone.

Though she was @Ready4Doomsday, Athena didn't count on spending it safely as part of the Zombie horde.

They had so many questions to @AskArabella: How she survived; how many zombies were out there; why she decided to eat Lola.

John slipped the @99blujeep into gear and stepped hard on the gas. Unfortunately, the transmission was shot, and the horde gained ground quickly.

There's not much difference between the @russianhoneybee and the American variety. So long as you don't count the Zombie virus.

They found @kendallgrey1 and pasty. "You all right?" Evelyn asked. Kendall smiled and bit through the woman's arm: They joined the horde.

As a @Newswriter22, Sean thought he'd seen it all. But the bodies spread before him had been savaged. "Zombies?" he wondered.

As a @farmerdarrell knew success. He planted corpses, and was rewarded with Zombies springing from the earth.

Once out of the @KageAlan loped off into the night. He would shift and take revenge. Tonight, he would eat.

As a @Monstermatt thought that he was free of the infection. That was until a Zombie ripped out his guts.

@carolelynngill didn't realize the knock at the door was a Zombie checking for life inside. She called out innocently, "Who's there?"

I found a pile of @DustinAshe on the floor. That's when I knew that he had been staked.

Instead of tagging his child with the unweildly name of Satan Diablo Lucifer the Third, he compromised with the unique name of @threecifer.

The pagan shifted and howled under the @MeadowMoon. This alerted the horde, and the now dead-alives stalk the werewolf.

When Deacon was invited to the @BunnyReview, he had something different in mind that a cage full of rabid rabbits.


BornStoryteller said...

Just very, very cool ideas. Love this.

DianaTrees said...

Thanks, dude. Just having fun!