Thursday, June 16, 2011

Twitter Style - Flash Fiction in 140 Characters or Less

When it came time to sign a treaty with the zombies, the humans called in @the_wordgirl, not realizing her undead sympathies

Snape's youngest cousin never got over being named after his famous relative. Yet, folks wondered why @seversparts became a serial killer.

Though she was left battered and @Tattered_Star stood facing the zombie horde, little realizing that ghouls were at her back

It was @JezebelsBody that gave her away: She was up to no good.

In @Texas_Cupcake wars were common after the New Wave Reformation. It's how the menfolk settled their differences, while women preferred shoot-outs.

The @Lastman_onearth planned to die fighting zombies, until he found out about the @Zombie_Vixen leading the horde. "Total babe," he said.

A penguin stopped dancing long enough to addres, @PaoloMateo. "You think too much," the penguin said. "You saw the march, but missed the flight."

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