Friday, July 29, 2011

The Twitter Circle-Jerk

For those of you not familiar with the term "circle-jerk," all I'll say is that it's a term that makes teenaged boys giggle uncontrollably. If you've really got to know what it means, Google the term and take the link to the Urban Dictionary.

There's a sort of circle-jerk going on around Twitter. It happens with a variety of accounts, and I've seen the bot-spam show up several times in my Followers list. What makes Twitter Circle-Jerk so odious, is that it almost looks like a real follower.

I don't indiscriminatly add followers. My list of followers and those that I follow was built up by hand, not machine. I didn't use Tweet Adder or some other program to find people who are like-minded. I sought them out myself. That means that when someone follows me, I check out their account.

That's how I found the Twitter Circle-Jerks - by manually taking a look at the account to discern whether the user was real. Take a look at the users below, and you'll see that they all have something in common:

@Francescaywk @_health4life @aeroponics_how @felix2see @WeedLoving @EnvironmentHelp @chadpeterson1

Three new usernames added to a new circle-jerk
@desirae_charity @Heygidday @prayerbiker

This is the biggest circle-jerks I've seen on Twitter. This one spans a huge number of accounts, and I think I'm only scraping the surface with these.

@FictionEbooks7 @CarEbooks @FreedomEbooks @VegetarianEbook @HistoryEbooks @GamesEbooks @Insomnia_books @CraftsEbooks @Credit_ebooks @ebooks_authors @FishingEbooks @Company_Ebooks @Arthritis_ebook @PepperEbooks @EducationEbook @FreedomEbooks @JourneyEbooks @Men_And_Woman @Company_Ebooks @AthleteEbooks @HairEbooks @SolersSportsEbk @FriendsEbooks @1000_ebooks @FreeEbooks7 @ExerciseEbooks @Marriage_Ebook @MamaEbooks @SpeakEbooks @EBusiness_Ebook @AcneEbooks @HouseEbooks @ChristmasEbook @DiabetEbooks @FootballEbooks @Health_Ebooks @CoverDdesign @InvestingEbookz @Ebook_Compilers @DepressionBook @Hosting_Ebooks

This is what I call a Twitter-Circle Jerk. One account teases to another, teases to another, teases to another, all the way around until the circle is complete.

Feel free to add circle-jerks if all it is you're looking for is a follower count. But for quality followers, take the time to check out Twitter accounts.

More to Come - Got to Get Out of Work First

When he saw the @ZombieDog_SF, Jason realized he was well and truly fucked. Now that the virus was cross-species, he'd never stop the horde.

As she followed @LibbyHeily reflected on their day. Libby had managed to stop the zombies, but Heily had still been bitten.

"Quit yer @WritingGirlie! We got to defend the windows!" But Michelle was caught in metaphor and rhythm, and missed the zombies at the door.

We thought an elephant gun, big enough to @piercebooks, would be enough to stop the zombie horde. Apparently, we miscalculated.

When the zombie horde overran @LA_Tafe took to his heels. But as fast as he was, Tafe couldn't outrun Rage zombies.

As he followed @TimGreaton thought something wrong. Bits of gore dropped from Tim's hands, and too late, Greaton realized Tim was a zombie.

@threeand10 blackbirds weaved in from skies lead-gray and sullen. Avoiding the violent flutter of black wings, Lee kept to lean shadows.

"All right, @StephanieSaye the zombie's name softly." Steph, tranced and compliant, did as she was told. Outside, the zombie stirred.

I knew they were @twisted_twins when I got in the car. But I never suspected they had a @_DeadHooker in the Trunk.

No one who knew her would have guessed that Amy was such a zombie ass-kicker. She had always appeared to be such an @ArtsyBookishGal.

He thrashed as they dragged him to the edge of the boat: "@WWSharkbaitWW?" he wubbled. "I won't do it!" Below, the zombie shark circled.

Ian demanded that his name be prounced correctly: "@IanMacGregger," he ennunciated crisply. The zombie gurgled and bit off Ian's tongue.

@TheMacLeod <- sole survivor of a zombie ambush. Try to keep up with the ones who are both smart and fast!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Working again on TwitterFic

It's nice to know if my legs fail, I've got my @CreepyWalker. If I can't kick ass, at least I can whack 'em about the head and shoulders

Looking to @Derek4words to calm the crowd, Fournier noticed that Derek was teetering on the edges of sanity.

When she realized that the woman of her nightmares carried a @Chainsaw_Sally had to rethink how she saw her waking hours.

Finding @spectralmuses to guide your writing isn't so difficult. The recipe is coffee: one part beans, one part chocolate, one part dreams.

The audience howled at the antics of the @ZombiePuppets, until the puppet master cut the strings, and the puppets continued to move.

Even though I knew that she was @kNotOfGod, I follow Crystal because of her monstrous beauty and ferocious intellect.

"Open @thezombiebible to the Second Chapter of Groaning and repeat after me." Even though zombies can't read, they know how to groan.

We realized the end of the world was close when the @ZombieDog_SF was found; the Rage virus had found a way to jump the species barrier.

While we thought it @SinisterProse that he scrawled, none of us realized that Killeen had been given the entire Necronomicon in a dream.

Safe, he scrawled the name of the demon, @TyrKieran, in his own blood. Finished he sat back; beside him a half-seen flicker solidified.

We thought her @Mad4Passion, but when she devoured the postman, we realized that she was well and truly mad.

When George recived a preview copy of @GPWriter, he didn't know it was a rogue program, released by a psychotic techie.

When she finally found @edenbaylee, thought herself safe from the horde. But Baylee didn't know that zombies had planted corruption.

As @twisted_twins, they vowed loyalty to one another through best and worst. That came in handy when they found a @DeadHooker in a Trunk.

Seeking the woman known simply as @LaFemmeLestat skulked dark city streets. But it was LaFemme who found Lestat and made him her own.

Tanya didn't realize that the @VEscritoire was an obscure volume of magic. As she spoke what she believed to be a poem, her breath became fire.

Though Sean @ReadHeavily throughout most of his life, even he was surpised when books sprang to life, and words scurried like ants.

Finding the tree emblazoned with the letters @BA_Matthews turned left toward town. Further up the path zombies waited patiently for Matthews

Before being shortened to the "t-virus," researchers called it @TLogicLive, as they thought it would assure life after death.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Examples of Twitter Spam and Malware Links

There's a lot of Twitter spam going around, and unfortunately, it's some of you who spreading it. By clicking on the links you get via DM, you infect either your computer, your Twitter application, or both.

So far, Twitter spam that carries a nasty payload has been easy to recognize. It comes to you as a Direct Message (DM), and it's from one of your followers. But if you notice in the examples below, Twitter spam is generic: It never names you.

Really Nasty Spam - Don't click it. Twitter has not made this software. It's a lie by scum suckers who want to infect your account:
  • Twitter finally released an app that tracks your "Stalkers" get it here fazzt.biX/blah

    Seven new examples (Thanks, Alice!)
  • Have you heard millions of people are making $5k+/Mo from home? heres
  • Was this blog you posted really necessary? some kind of joke?
  • Someone said this real bad thing about you in a blog....
  • I just found out who viewed me on twitter! find whos watching yours
  • viagra,cialis,soma,tramadol and more. no prescription.
  • Gain over 1,000 followers a week by using:

    Even more Twitter Spam!
  • you'll laugh when you see this pic of you... tinyurl.coX/blah
  • You look different in this photo. cuts.pX/8
  • my friend sent me this pic with you in it.. t.cX/blah
  • you look like you lost weight in this video.. t.cX/blah

    Original examples
  • haha my friend showed me this pic of you.. t.c/blah
  • This is NUTS, I swear I'm getting 100s of followers from this program!! Check it t.c/blah
  • I lost a bunch of weight, this stuff works! look at news article
  • Somone said this real bad thing about you in a blog....
  • I found you in this video
  • Is that you in this picture
  • (note the typo in this one) your in this picture
  • discount drugs with no prescription required
  • no prescription required for your viagra,cialis,soma and more.
  • wow this really works! i found out who stalks me :P go to

    Read about Rob's battle with Twitter spam.

    You'd think if it was really one of your friends or followers, that person would be more personal in the DM. But spam can't afford to be personal. It's written generic to try to lure you into clicking the link.

    Don't do it. Clicking the link at best takes you to a spammer's site. At worst, it infects your computer with a virus. Somewhere in the middle is infecting your Twitter account. If you've got other examples, feel free to send them my way. I'll add them to this list.

    Late breaking Twitter spam

    Some Twitter spammers are stupider than others. Have a look at this example.

    I ran across these two names, one over the other, in a friend's follower list. You would have thought the spammer would have been smart enough to change pictures.
  • Thursday, July 21, 2011

    Thursday's TwitterFic - Week's Almost Done!

    I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. I had some Linux issues to sort out on my PC, and my daughter wanted to watch the TIVOed episode of True Blood. I had writing to do, but I just couldn't concentrate. I might have gotten 50 words done, and I was shooting for 500. I hate when that happens. But what's worse is that I woke up at 4 a.m. - four hours early for work. And I was exhausted. Shit. I really hate when that happens. But this afternoon, something clicked, and I cranked out a bunch of TwitterFic. I can't say how. It just comes to me. If you want a customized shout out, let me know.

    We were not surpised that we found @XanderGrimm at the news of his lover's death. What surprised us was his hand in the entrails.

    His words were guttural, his eyes wild: "Come on @StephanieSaye you love me!" She had waited for this moment and silently twisted the knife.

    "We find the @DeadReckless and violent," the researcher said. "Too reckless to survive for long." Unfortunately, his prediction was wrong.

    When we found @kendallgrey1 step away from the body, we knew she was responsible. What we didn't know was that Kendall was a zombie.

    Putting the growl into books wasn't difficult for the @Literarygrrrl. It was not biting the patrons of the library that proved impossible.

    When we found that @LadyAndronica was given to violent rages, we sent her to the Senate where she could deal with politicians as necessary.

    As an @AuthorTiffany could justify her prediliction for murder by calling it "research for my next story."

    When Alleigh shifted into her more comfortable form as a panther, she retained enough of her humanity to be referred to as an @alleighkat15.

    @mariefrizelle'd the young man before telling him that "frizelle" was another way of saying "cooked perfectly."

    As a former heavy metal performer, Phil was ecstatic at his death to be reborn as a @metal_wraith - until he tried to pass through a wall.

    "@LynMidnight approaches!" Violeta turned to her friend. "Beware the vampire!" Unfortunately, both neglected to be wary of the ghouls below.

    In @TennesseeZombie territory covered most of the state. There were a few human enclaves, though zombies thought of them as cattle pens.

    When we caught up with the @twisted_twins, they had already disposed of the @_DeadHooker. Now their psychotic attention was focused on us.

    When Venus located @PrincessMiranda, it was too late to her. "Waste not, want not," Venus thought and slit the girl's throat for her bath.

    As a @zombiejenna found that she didn't worry about fashion anymore. But she did inspect her teeth daily in the mirror for bits of human.

    When she found the @PrincessMarijke dragged her to safety. But Marijke didn't know that the princess had already been bitten.

    Although @AngelaAddams wasn't as well known as Gomez and Morticia, Angela was still a #Temptress in her own right.

    Melissa thought @Mys_Moore a bit bossy, so when the chance presented itself, Melissa pushed her off the roof to the zombie horde below.

    Coating her lips in @Rubyviolence was only the first step in a night of mayhem and madness: She still had bodies to devour.

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    Tuesday's TwitterFic - Added this Morning's Stuff

    More to come later today. I've just got to wake up!

    "Bu-but-but, @iTweetAmusingly!" Maria shouted. The zombie was not amused, and now Maria is part of the horde.

    "@IamLadyAurora," she sniffed, prim and proper. "You don't dare eat me." Unfortunately for Aurora, the zombie didn't understand English.

    @jason_voorhees took far too long to raise his machete. The Vampire slipped under his arm, took his head, and now wears it as decoration.

    She considered his unspoken request, then tossed the body of @jason_voorhees his head. "Humans are meat," she said. "Vampires kill and eat."

    @snarkninja mutations were not at all common prior to the Zombie Apocalypse. Now they're everywhere.

    Zombies typically prefer their meat raw, but when they found @EmmaaCook'd to perfection, they joined the cannibal for the feast.

    Jon thought it odd that the frog lisped as it croaked: "@ribbledibble." He didn't realize that it was a zombie frog.

    "We've got multiple @amys_kennedy! How do we know which is the zombie?" Kennedy poked an Amy and lost a finger. "Found the zombie," he said.

    What sounded like fucking to @jason_voorhees was actually a vampire slaking her thirst. She watched Voorhee's approach, and licked her fangs

    The @twisted_twins have promised me a @_deadhooker, should ever again they find one. So thoughtful! I rarely have dinner plans.

    "@KellySGamble?" the old man murmured. "What's the S stand for?" Kelly smiled sweetly and slashed his throat. "Senicide," she replied.

    "Sure," he said, "E=MC2." He waved his hands wildly. "But if you want perfection it's MILF_Squared."

    The vampire, pale as a scream, lost Rose. "Did you see anyone?" he asked a nearby ghoul. "@Osumpinkgirl ran through here moments ago."

    @hororwritindad *heh* Nothing more lovely that a @ChicRocking a long sword, and covered in someone else's blood.

    The glyphs in the stone were unusual, and Rebecca didn't realize that as she murmured @jocastalizzbeth aloud, the Zombie Apocalypse began.

    When they found @LilDannyTaylor curled tight into herself and shaking, they thought her lost and frightened. That proved their undoing.

    "Take the @L_Bushman," Leona said. "No Zombies on trains." Bushman corrected her: "It's the El." Leona frowned and pushed him off the roof.

    By the time the zombies were finished with the @syco_punk, blood and brains were spattered across the station. But his mind was still bent.

    Patrick met a strange lady who made him nervous. She offered him an @aussiepill, and said: "This will take you to the Land Down Under."

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    Tonight's TwitterFic - Twitter's Down, but I Got these Online

    Yeah, I should be writing anyway. But tonight, TwitterFic called and I answered. It's been a few days since I wrote any - tonight was the night. Sure, I should have been working on my short story, but I had to shout out to my folks!

    Upon seeing the @AngelZapata took cover. Though legend asserted they were beings of light, Zapata had doubts about the truth of the stories.

    Though offered an all-expenses paid trip to hell and back, @roxannesmolen expected the locale would be a #Mindbender, and turned it down.

    psycopath in a / @comadarkvale functions / High / I'm batman, bitches.

    When he thought he found @lleonadavis stopped looking further. Unfortunately for Davis, this Lleona was a changeling left by dark fairies.

    As I lay napping, a tapping, a rapping, a banging, banging, banging at my back door. Who's there? says I: Croaked the Zombie, @__Nevermore__

    Coming to @Derek4words is link dipping a bucket into a well dug into ancient burial grounds. Often, you get more than you bargained for.

    Locating the @dixeflatlin3 was harder than she thought. But the search would pay off if she found unicorns in that fabeled southern desert.

    Sure, @drewiscrazy. We've known that for ages. But never did we suspect that he would invite zombies to dinner without specifying a menu.

    She shorted her name to @JRTomlinAuthor when she learned that her given name of Jiggumbob Ranunculaceous meant "a gadget like buttercups."

    It was only after he found @John_Corwin started seeing people that weren't there. Prior to that, Corwin only heard voices in his head.

    After his first date with @jillyjameson was certain he was in love. What Jameson didn't know was that Jilly was actually an alien bookworm.

    TwitterFic - Catching Up with Posts

    I got into work today and realized that I hadn't posted last Friday's TwitterFic. I hate it when I get behind, since each one of these is handcoded for the link back to the Twitter account. That's time-consuming and tedious. But hell. I love to do that. Linking back to the account let's you know who these people are, and how the TwitterFic relates to them. See, I typically do some research on each of the folks to make the TwitterFic personal to them. Check out below, then link back to their accounts.


    It's when @laurajeanwrites that things move about in the house. It seems that her pen is haunted.

    She coated her lips in a rich, red lipstick before leaving that night, as only the shade of @Rubyviolence would do for the evening.

    Yeah, when we found the @FesteringCorpse, we knew that our dinner plans were set.

    It was Kema's desire to @Krushneurotik writers that led her to become an editor at the New York Times.

    Finding @louise_wise enough to learn the spells, the sorceror turned over the Necronomicon. That was his undoing.

    Shana found the witch, @NeeceMFiregrave, buried in an active volcano. "Now I know where comes the surname," Shana thought to herself.

    When they found @JezebelsBody in the lake, they presumed she'd drowned. That was their first mistake. The second was turning their backs.

    Only his friends called Charles @Baldychaz. All others who dared are buried under the porch.

    When Bottorff found the body, he saw that @Dalanna23 was carved into the skin. He didn't get the significance until 22 more bodies surfaced.

    Random thoughts were @_andraya_'s undoing, as the Zombie horde caught her unawares and day-dreaming.

    Rumpelstiltskin's sister was not only prettier, but had the moniker @tanyatwombly, making her life's path much easier.

    Once she found the @Bear_75, Haley knew that she was on the correct path to find penguins. "I must keep them moist," she thought.

    "Have @FaithMortimer," she said. "The assassins' village is just over that rise." Unfortunately, so were the zombies.

    When the rest of the coven found JP filtering human blood for impurities, they dubbed her the @ecovampira.

    Truly @drewiscrazy. That's why it's better to #follow. That way you're behind the insanity.

    Friday, July 15, 2011

    Friday's TwitterFic (and some of Thursday)

    I got behind yesterday, and didn't get the TwitterFic posted. So I'm combining it with this morning's. Once I get caught up at work, I plan to write more. I've got lots of followers out there that I haven't yet fed to the zombies.

    It was with the beginning of the @starcrusades that humanity roused the Zombie horde. Now it's the dead-alive who've taken the stars.

    RJ rifled through the @Securityfiles startled by what he found: Federal documents outlining the need for a necessary plague, the Apocalypse.

    When they found @FletcherBell's rang as a signal that he was alive. Unfortunately, the signal was premature. Fletcher had been bitten.

    Though he was @immovablefear didn't stop Robbie from screaming as the Zombie gnawed at his guts.

    It was the double-x in his name that gave away @DemienSixx's Zombie sympathies. X's for eyes indicated a love of the dead-alive.

    Early in life, she was swept into the @VorteXya, yet somehow survived. We should have realized then that she was a vampire.

    Upon seeing @AmyLunderman paused. Lunderman wasn't used to seeing a woman alone at night. Too late, Lunderman realized Amy was a Zombie.

    "Today in @ZombieeNews, the corpses have broken through the last barrier." The newscaster's eyes widened. The cameraman was clearly infected

    "LynMidnight isn't that far off," her Fairy Godmother fretted. "We must be away!" Lyn ignored the fairy, and danced into the red dawn.

    It was during battle that Blue swept the field clean of zombies with a single scream. That battle was recorded as the @BlueSleighty.

    The @ssraven swooped low over the field of battle, picking at the corpses of zombie and human alike.

    A thousand years ago, Jason learned to craft @Fear_In_Words. The spell yet lingers, and children shiver in their beds.

    Out of the @Icey_darkness the first Angel came, brilliant white, with a shattering scream: We thought it the end of the Zombie Apocalypse.

    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    More TwitterFic - Today's postings

    With a growl in her teeth, the @Literarygrrrl charged the @TennesseeZombie. Screaming bloody madness, they devoured one another.

    "@OhAnotherMaria," the bouncer murmured, waving her on with a bored look. As she passed, Maria gutted him. "I'm the only Maria," she said.

    For @SidKali was the only Goddess worth notice: Six arms promising chaos, destruction and rebirth.

    "Aurora," the magician said. "I'm looking for the lady." The queen stood: "@IamLadyAurora," she said, then gutted the sorcerer as a revenant.

    We knew Friday would be @twistedfreaky, but had no idea that the date would mark the first day of the Zombie Apocalypse.

    @jillyjameson never felt the same rage at Spiderman as her father John, but even she took up the tirade when the arachnid became a zombie.

    You know I'm coming to get you. I don't care if you have to use that @CreepyWalker to get around. I'm coming. I'll get you. I'll eat you.

    Judy found the sky fickle: blue, grey, sun and rain. It was the spell of permanence she cast, however, that earned the name @judyblackcloud

    Monday, July 11, 2011

    Quick TwitterFic

    A few more TwitterFic from tonight's tweets.

    It was precisely because the monster was @kNotOfGod that she was famous: Crystal is rarely formed so perfectly.

    A letter signed @mcdermottalex96 was the signal for the attack to begin. Unfortunately, zombies ate the postman; the letter never arrived.

    That @Anuksut was a deviant was no surpise. But that she'd raised to an art form caught us off-guard

    "Here!" Jason screamed, stabbing Darrick in the chest with his pen. "Right fucking here is @Fear_In_Words!"

    Though everyone expected the Zombie Apocalypse to be the final confrontation, it turned out to be @geekvsgoth that ended the world.

    TwitterFic - It's all about you

    Unfortunately, most of my time today was sucked out by work. I had to troubleshoot a couple of Web sites, then hammer out some press releases. It's left my brain all wobbly. But no worries. Today's TwitterFic was fun, and I did manage to get a few of them. And there's a lot more on the Web site. Check the archives.

    FALSE ASSUMPTION PROVES FATAL: He was foolish enough to believe that as an environmentalist, the @ecovampira would eschew human blood.

    We all knew that @drewiscrazy but had no idea as to his zombie sympathies until it was too late, and the gate was flung wide.

    "Find the @VampyrMonster!" Dr. Frankenstein snapped at his creation. "You've no blood to lose!" The monster growled, then slapped the doctor

    From the @comadarkvale lifts / eyes cry open shatter / the sociopath awakes / citizen for batman

    When the local rep tried to sell @amytupper ware, he had no idea Amy was a Zombie. Now Amy has cool plastic to store bite-sized human bits.

    "Such a lovely bio picture," he said, trying hard at innocence. "O_about_that," I replied slicing his guts. "The sword's not just for looks"

    After following @TiffaneeJones80 thought he had done the right thing. Tiffanee was a beautiful disaster; born of humans raised by Zombies.

    Sunday, July 10, 2011

    Sunday - TwitterFic and Fun

    I use TwitterFic to exercise my brain and kickstart my creativity. I also use it to screw off. I should be writing, instead I've cranked out a bit of fun - 140 characters or less, including your username.

    @EmilyKieson was found at the base of the mountain. Assuming she had fallen, they didn't realize their mistake until she opened her eyes.

    To ensure the permenant death of each of the sparkly vampires, @christiesilvers them, one by one, encasing the carcass in boiling silver.

    When he followed the @twisted_twins through the city, he had no idea they had a @_DeadHooker in the Trunk. That would prove his undoing.

    While reasearching forgotten documents, Robert found evidence that @THE_BLACKDEATH was actually the world's first Zombie Apocalypse.

    Knowing that @ChastityBites saved Ashley from joining the horde. While it kept her from the zombie, the serial killer was around the corner.

    It was the #BloodSkies that robbed Steven of his soul. Drenched in violence, he took on the name of @Daezarkian to reflect the Apocalypse.

    After fighting off the @thezombiemike screamed at Roberts: "Dude, what the fuck!" But Mike didn't know that Roberts was already turned.

    Only a few knew that Meredith's screen name, @drmwvr39, hinted at her identity: the Divine & Royal Mother Wampyr - Voracious Revenant.

    Friday, July 8, 2011

    Today's TwitterFic was Huge Fun

    I'll be working late tonight, and I've got to come in to work for a while tomorrow. But somehow, I'll find the time to work on new TwitterFic; it's too much fun! This is today's work. Let me know what you think.

    ---"We caught @AlexSeverin the body into tiny, bite-size chunks." The sergeant was sweating profusely. "We knew it was Eden."

    Though @RachelBoleyn never gained the notoriety of her sister Anne, she knew how to take a man's head off and make it look like an accident.

    As a @DemonXDiantha was used to violence, hellfire and chaos. It was laughter that brought out her rage.

    "Honestly, officer. That @99blujeep just came out of nowhere!" The cop nodded. "Good thing," he said. "Or that zombie would have eaten you."

    She knew the rage came from within. That's why the Lady added the sixes to her name: @6lady6noir6

    Unlike her sister, Isabela eschewed ashes to work with fire. Yet still, she caught the family name and was known as @CinderBella16

    It was that the frog *glittered* that caught Vicki's attention. That was the amphibian's downfall, cause everyone knows @VickiLikesFrogs

    Patrick's poetry calmed @Cthulhu23 for decades, yet still the Demon God felt that a Zombie Apocalypse was necessary for cleansing.

    The zombie was momentarily befuddled by the sound of @onevoicesmiling, yet still it managed to track Bobby down.

    Natasha had just settled in with @AGreatBook, when a vicious pounding at the door began. "Zombies," she thought. "Always in a rush."

    When zombies heard the title to the new TV show, @Boymeeetsworld, somehow only the words "boy meat" stuck in their heads.

    I knew the monster was @kNotOfGod when I saw that it's body was crystal: Something that lovely also must be both deadly and delightful.

    Thursday, July 7, 2011

    Tonight's TwitterFic - It's about You

    Patricia didn't pay much attention to @Ravensdragonfly until Raven let the little beastie carry off her little brother, Frankie.

    When the angel swept in out of the @Icey_darkness, we all felt that salvation was near. That was until we realized she too was a zombie.

    Color vision is rare among zombies, and so the rest of the horde was shocked when one noted: "@Osumpinkgirl just dashed around the corner!"

    Too late, scientists found that speech could have prevented the invasion. Had they known earlier, they would have contacted @the_wordgirl.

    To earn some @PublicityPixie sought the advice of Verity. "Well," the latter said. "You could start by sharing that flying dust."

    Lilia found that getting into the @houseofvampires wasn't really that difficult. It was leaving with a whole skin that proved impossible.

    As a child, Aoibhe was @AfraidOSunlight. Thankfully, that made the transition from fledgling to elder much easier.

    "What the hell do you mean, you @LostZombies?" Skot demanded. "Dude," Omega replied. "I don't know what to say. They were right behind me."

    "All I can say is to have @FaithMortimer," she said, peering out a window. "The Assassins' Village is our last chance against the horde."

    As a werewolf, Kim bristled at the nickname @barkergirl33. But while she would take the banter from the pack, humans were killed and eaten.

    Though ripped and @Tattered_Star didn't give up. She stood against the zombie horde with little more than a pistol and her rage.

    The @EvilEyeMonster had lived in his closet for so long, that he had grown used to its presence. That's why he forgot to warn his brother.

    When the living found out about @thezombiebible, there was an uproar in the church. It got worse, when zombies took humans for communion.

    TwitterFic is getting Easier to Write

    Maybe it's just because I've been pounding away at these for the last couple of weeks, but TwitterFic is getting easier to write. For those of you who are confused: TwitterFic is micro-fiction - 140 characters or less, but the challenge I set myself is that must use a Tweep's username in the piece. I twist the names and meanings around, and I make each one of these unique. Here in the blog, all of them are linked back to user accounts. Read through them. Let me know what you think.

    Color vision is rare among zombies, and so the rest of the horde was shocked when one noted: "@Osumpinkgirl just dashed around the corner!"

    When the angel swept in out of the @Icey_darkness, we all felt that salvation was near. That was until we realized she too was a zombie.

    "When the @yellowdove07 is released, that's the signal to attack," Billy said. Christy nodded, but neither knew the horde was at their back.

    Hearing the growl, she knew the @Literarygrrrl was protecting her book from the @TennesseeZombie girl. "I backed slowly out of the room."

    When you're @born_fighting, you know that you've got to take life by the throat and demand that every moment be memorable.

    When Jen fell to the zombie horde during the Apocalypse, Sylv willingly joined the horde so that the sisters could remain @Twisted_Twins.

    Orlando found a bit of gore in his spaceship and held it up accusingly. "@O_about_that," Ramos said. "I had to shoot a zomibe. Sorry."

    Vicious horror vixens! @ssraven @HorrorMistress Beautiful, seductive, deadly. #Follow or die.

    "When @americascreams my name," she said, "then I'll know success." Behind her, the zombie screamed, but didn't know her name.

    As the @Screamqueenarmy approached the barrier, Chris lifted his rifle. "Shit," he said. "Zombies were easier to kill than Scream Queens."

    "As I said before," Catherine snapped at the waiter. "The term zombie is offensive. We prefer to be referred to as @EndlesslyDead."

    The walls were splashed with blood, a bright @RubyViolence, and we knew that she'd been using the whip again.

    "I'm telling you, @JakeBannerman." He waved his hands to emphazize that she should be banned. "Zombies got no place coming in here!"

    While try to fill in @TheBlankSpaces in her story, zombies battered down the door and did their own filling in.

    It was her @HorrorFixation that allowed the zombies to enter the building. After that, the rest of the compound was breached.

    "I was loading the undead in @myZombieWagon when one of them sat up," Ray said. But he didn't finish the story, and hid the bite on his arm.

    Taylor glanced back at Kristi. "Come on, @ChikBQuick!" he screamed. "These zombies are sprinters!"

    Securing the @Borders after the Zombie Apocalypse was our first priority. Food and shelter came second.

    When he found the @_DeadHooker in the Trunk, he knew the @Twisted_Twins were involved. What he didn't know was where to bury the body.

    Wednesday, July 6, 2011

    When you've just got to create - TwitterFic

    This morning's work of TwitterFic is below. For those of you who may be baffled, TwitterFic is micro-fiction. All works are 140 characters or less. What makes this more difficult is that Twitter usernames are mangled into shape and used for the fiction. More to come later.

    His fright was so bad, he spoke quickly, jamming his words together. "I dunno, man. It was @bguglyhryscry." Then he keeled over, dead.

    Larsen spoke to her harshly: "@hazelindeed, I think we're done here!" Hazel snatched a pen and stabbed him in the eye. "Not till I say so!"

    Though he'd not seen a Zombie in the city prior to this, he knew that the @caniblekitty was but a precursor of deadly things to come.

    The first 82 attempts had ended in failure. But he kept at his experiments, dubbing @TheFool83 as his greatest success.

    "Stick to @hororwritindad," Chris said, looking up at his father. "Being a zombie is harder than it looks."

    "Hey @EricVik's been taken by the Trolls!" Erik jumped up and grabbed his gear. "Get ready," he said, "for an insane summer."

    No one realized that a pagan could be Turned under a @MeadowMoon. It was their last mistake and they were her first meal.

    The boots had been magicked, and Sarah was split into many. Each, however, retained her name, and the multitude was called @SarahakaLegion.

    To her face, he called her Queen. Behind her back, Devereaux named her @IvyditzyWolf. Tonight he suffers for his indescretion.

    Were it not for Marek's keen eye, the @FulciHolocaust might have gone unnoticed. But only Marek knew the tie between Fulcis and Zombies.

    Before religion embraced technology, no one thought an afterlife could be mechanized. Now masses wait quietly in line for the @SaviorMachine.

    When we saw the @PsychicTwinkle, we knew there was a problem. What we didn't realize was that it was a prelude to her full on shine

    When Amanda heard a thud, she knew the @BunnyReview had an effect on Joshua. But she didn't know that Joshua was part of the Zombie horde.

    "Look out for @thezombiemike!" But Mike had zoned out to his iPod, listening to a madman's lullaby. Now he's part of the horde.

    Tuesday, July 5, 2011

    Today's TwitterFic - Must get back to work

    This is today's round of #TwitterFic - Shout-outs to the folks on Twitter. And all in 140 characters or less.

    Authorities gave up on @TennesseeZombie-held since the beginning of the Apocalypse. But they didn't realize it was the seat of the Queen.

    It was the clever commercial for @Zombie_BGONE that caught CW's attention, but it was the Zombie babe using it that drew him in.

    Amy was an @ArtsyBookishGal who frequented poetry readings in stylish coffee shops. And that's where the Zombie found her.

    "@zombiePETZ will never be practical," Ryan said, "until we find a way to keep them from oozing onto the carpet."

    After she was @RatedDPrincess Mayv went on a killing spree that embraced most of Manhattan.

    As an @AuthorArnold found killing easier in person than in print: Victims require neither metaphors, nor similies.

    No one realized that @TammyLafontaine had been turned. She was a nightowl by nature. Suspiscioun grew as the neighbors vanished.

    "I @MissLizVicious," Barry said. "She knew what the pointy end of the stake was for." Outside, Liz waited for Barry's exit and a chance to introduce him to her fangs.

    When his friends helped @JasonEscape, they had no idea that he'd been infected. Now, they're all part of the horde.

    When he found @deidraalexander had no idea that Deidra had been Turned. Now, Alexander is literally joining her for dinner.

    Lorraine didn't @MissHaunted houses one bit after she was bitten by the Zombie. After all, now it was she who could do the haunting.

    When they asked for the @RealAaronGrant to stand up, the audience wasn't prepared for the Zombie rush to the stage.

    When courting @LaFemmeLestat's only rule was to be generic. But, Jessie was not generic. She staked Lestat, and took his name for her own.

    The @zombieblog was his own idea, a way chronicling his transformation from alive to dead-alive. In the end, he smashed his keyboard.

    Friday, July 1, 2011

    TwitterFic - Catching up before the weekend

    This is the latest batch of TwitterFic, micro-stories about the folks I follow on Twitter. More to come as the muse beats me.

    Unfortunately, the Zombie Apocalypse prevented him from ever proving his theory that @MILF_Squared = Nirvana.

    Chaos, ferocity and @Rubyviolence was all she sought in life. But it wasn't until death in the jaws of a vampire that she found all three.

    "I @MissRoseSeven said, blinking back tears. "She called me by my given name, instead of 7." Outside, Rose slavered, victim of a zombie.

    Four @ToTheChest did little good against the Zombie leading the horde. "The head, damnit!" Pete screamed. But the warning came too late.

    Shannon insisted on being referred to as @TheMacLeod, as the rest of her family had joined "The Cult of the Zombie."

    When she found the @ruby_claire raised it triumphantly over her head. Above her, a harpy screamed, swooped and snatched the jewel away.

    "If found some @DeadwoodViolet," Ann called out. "Now that Charles was bitten, we'll need to burn the body before he turns zombie!"

    When she found the spatter of @BloodRayne knew she was on the trail of vicious killer. What she didn't know was that the killer was undead.

    While she waited for @fairweatherabi tried to count the number of zombies struck by hail, that were as large as golf balls.

    It was when @WilliamDeen found out that there were gods among us that he chose the path of the living dead.

    For a child, it was a @wickdplayground. For the rest of us, it was a surreal canvas of nightmares and chaos.

    This TwitterFic is about You

    That's what TwitterFic is all about. I write short (very short) stories about you, using your username and Tweet it. Once it's seen the Twitter stream, I post them here and link back to the Twitter account. There's hundreds of TwitterFic here. Sort through it. Have some fun, and try your own hand at the micro Flash Fiction I've dubbed TwitterFic.

    They thought her a @fictionalgypsy until the curse took hold, and they found themselves thinner day by day.

    Though the Zombie didn't yet understand the concept of time, the growling in his stomach told him it was time for a lunch of @heroesnhearts.

    We found the @wayward_scribe deep undercover chronicling the the horde's behavior. Unfortunately, long exposure to zombies eats at the mind.

    Under the @MeadowMoon, the werewolf shifted into her more comfortable furry form. She stretched, then gave chase to screaming humans.

    He'd prayed to Cthulhu, a @lovecraftiangod and high priest to the Great Old Ones. But, the zombies behind paid no attention to prayers.

    Upon finding @VickiDeath stretched out one bony hand. "Not yet!" Vicki snapped. "I've artwork to finish. You can wait by the door."

    "The zombies are coming, @elizabethsogard the door and don't let them breach the windows!" No one realized Elizabeth was a zombie sympathizer.

    It was being a @KISS_Fan that was his eventual undoing, as the recently turned zombie's lips were too lovely to resist.

    When the @starcrusades began, we were full of hope that the stars would be crawling with life. Instead, we found death and zombies.

    We found that @shades_of_sylar still haunt the asylum, where when he died, his personalities split.

    "No, no, no!" the ancient screamed at the fledgling. "It's @KissCaressBite, not the other way around!"

    When police found the @Newswriter22, they were shocked. His body was stone, but for a silver tongue, and that was pounded flat.

    He found her quite beautiful, though deadly, as she was covered in @Rubyviolence: but he was a sucker for a woman slippery with blood.

    The original Living Dead Girl was known as @RaVeN___X marks the spot where she clawed free of mortality.