Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday - TwitterFic and Fun

I use TwitterFic to exercise my brain and kickstart my creativity. I also use it to screw off. I should be writing, instead I've cranked out a bit of fun - 140 characters or less, including your username.

@EmilyKieson was found at the base of the mountain. Assuming she had fallen, they didn't realize their mistake until she opened her eyes.

To ensure the permenant death of each of the sparkly vampires, @christiesilvers them, one by one, encasing the carcass in boiling silver.

When he followed the @twisted_twins through the city, he had no idea they had a @_DeadHooker in the Trunk. That would prove his undoing.

While reasearching forgotten documents, Robert found evidence that @THE_BLACKDEATH was actually the world's first Zombie Apocalypse.

Knowing that @ChastityBites saved Ashley from joining the horde. While it kept her from the zombie, the serial killer was around the corner.

It was the #BloodSkies that robbed Steven of his soul. Drenched in violence, he took on the name of @Daezarkian to reflect the Apocalypse.

After fighting off the @thezombiemike screamed at Roberts: "Dude, what the fuck!" But Mike didn't know that Roberts was already turned.

Only a few knew that Meredith's screen name, @drmwvr39, hinted at her identity: the Divine & Royal Mother Wampyr - Voracious Revenant.

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