Monday, July 18, 2011

Tonight's TwitterFic - Twitter's Down, but I Got these Online

Yeah, I should be writing anyway. But tonight, TwitterFic called and I answered. It's been a few days since I wrote any - tonight was the night. Sure, I should have been working on my short story, but I had to shout out to my folks!

Upon seeing the @AngelZapata took cover. Though legend asserted they were beings of light, Zapata had doubts about the truth of the stories.

Though offered an all-expenses paid trip to hell and back, @roxannesmolen expected the locale would be a #Mindbender, and turned it down.

psycopath in a / @comadarkvale functions / High / I'm batman, bitches.

When he thought he found @lleonadavis stopped looking further. Unfortunately for Davis, this Lleona was a changeling left by dark fairies.

As I lay napping, a tapping, a rapping, a banging, banging, banging at my back door. Who's there? says I: Croaked the Zombie, @__Nevermore__

Coming to @Derek4words is link dipping a bucket into a well dug into ancient burial grounds. Often, you get more than you bargained for.

Locating the @dixeflatlin3 was harder than she thought. But the search would pay off if she found unicorns in that fabeled southern desert.

Sure, @drewiscrazy. We've known that for ages. But never did we suspect that he would invite zombies to dinner without specifying a menu.

She shorted her name to @JRTomlinAuthor when she learned that her given name of Jiggumbob Ranunculaceous meant "a gadget like buttercups."

It was only after he found @John_Corwin started seeing people that weren't there. Prior to that, Corwin only heard voices in his head.

After his first date with @jillyjameson was certain he was in love. What Jameson didn't know was that Jilly was actually an alien bookworm.

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