Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tonight's TwitterFic - It's about You

Patricia didn't pay much attention to @Ravensdragonfly until Raven let the little beastie carry off her little brother, Frankie.

When the angel swept in out of the @Icey_darkness, we all felt that salvation was near. That was until we realized she too was a zombie.

Color vision is rare among zombies, and so the rest of the horde was shocked when one noted: "@Osumpinkgirl just dashed around the corner!"

Too late, scientists found that speech could have prevented the invasion. Had they known earlier, they would have contacted @the_wordgirl.

To earn some @PublicityPixie sought the advice of Verity. "Well," the latter said. "You could start by sharing that flying dust."

Lilia found that getting into the @houseofvampires wasn't really that difficult. It was leaving with a whole skin that proved impossible.

As a child, Aoibhe was @AfraidOSunlight. Thankfully, that made the transition from fledgling to elder much easier.

"What the hell do you mean, you @LostZombies?" Skot demanded. "Dude," Omega replied. "I don't know what to say. They were right behind me."

"All I can say is to have @FaithMortimer," she said, peering out a window. "The Assassins' Village is our last chance against the horde."

As a werewolf, Kim bristled at the nickname @barkergirl33. But while she would take the banter from the pack, humans were killed and eaten.

Though ripped and @Tattered_Star didn't give up. She stood against the zombie horde with little more than a pistol and her rage.

The @EvilEyeMonster had lived in his closet for so long, that he had grown used to its presence. That's why he forgot to warn his brother.

When the living found out about @thezombiebible, there was an uproar in the church. It got worse, when zombies took humans for communion.

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