Monday, July 18, 2011

TwitterFic - Catching Up with Posts

I got into work today and realized that I hadn't posted last Friday's TwitterFic. I hate it when I get behind, since each one of these is handcoded for the link back to the Twitter account. That's time-consuming and tedious. But hell. I love to do that. Linking back to the account let's you know who these people are, and how the TwitterFic relates to them. See, I typically do some research on each of the folks to make the TwitterFic personal to them. Check out below, then link back to their accounts.


It's when @laurajeanwrites that things move about in the house. It seems that her pen is haunted.

She coated her lips in a rich, red lipstick before leaving that night, as only the shade of @Rubyviolence would do for the evening.

Yeah, when we found the @FesteringCorpse, we knew that our dinner plans were set.

It was Kema's desire to @Krushneurotik writers that led her to become an editor at the New York Times.

Finding @louise_wise enough to learn the spells, the sorceror turned over the Necronomicon. That was his undoing.

Shana found the witch, @NeeceMFiregrave, buried in an active volcano. "Now I know where comes the surname," Shana thought to herself.

When they found @JezebelsBody in the lake, they presumed she'd drowned. That was their first mistake. The second was turning their backs.

Only his friends called Charles @Baldychaz. All others who dared are buried under the porch.

When Bottorff found the body, he saw that @Dalanna23 was carved into the skin. He didn't get the significance until 22 more bodies surfaced.

Random thoughts were @_andraya_'s undoing, as the Zombie horde caught her unawares and day-dreaming.

Rumpelstiltskin's sister was not only prettier, but had the moniker @tanyatwombly, making her life's path much easier.

Once she found the @Bear_75, Haley knew that she was on the correct path to find penguins. "I must keep them moist," she thought.

"Have @FaithMortimer," she said. "The assassins' village is just over that rise." Unfortunately, so were the zombies.

When the rest of the coven found JP filtering human blood for impurities, they dubbed her the @ecovampira.

Truly @drewiscrazy. That's why it's better to #follow. That way you're behind the insanity.

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