Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's TwitterFic - Added this Morning's Stuff

More to come later today. I've just got to wake up!

"Bu-but-but, @iTweetAmusingly!" Maria shouted. The zombie was not amused, and now Maria is part of the horde.

"@IamLadyAurora," she sniffed, prim and proper. "You don't dare eat me." Unfortunately for Aurora, the zombie didn't understand English.

@jason_voorhees took far too long to raise his machete. The Vampire slipped under his arm, took his head, and now wears it as decoration.

She considered his unspoken request, then tossed the body of @jason_voorhees his head. "Humans are meat," she said. "Vampires kill and eat."

@snarkninja mutations were not at all common prior to the Zombie Apocalypse. Now they're everywhere.

Zombies typically prefer their meat raw, but when they found @EmmaaCook'd to perfection, they joined the cannibal for the feast.

Jon thought it odd that the frog lisped as it croaked: "@ribbledibble." He didn't realize that it was a zombie frog.

"We've got multiple @amys_kennedy! How do we know which is the zombie?" Kennedy poked an Amy and lost a finger. "Found the zombie," he said.

What sounded like fucking to @jason_voorhees was actually a vampire slaking her thirst. She watched Voorhee's approach, and licked her fangs

The @twisted_twins have promised me a @_deadhooker, should ever again they find one. So thoughtful! I rarely have dinner plans.

"@KellySGamble?" the old man murmured. "What's the S stand for?" Kelly smiled sweetly and slashed his throat. "Senicide," she replied.

"Sure," he said, "E=MC2." He waved his hands wildly. "But if you want perfection it's MILF_Squared."

The vampire, pale as a scream, lost Rose. "Did you see anyone?" he asked a nearby ghoul. "@Osumpinkgirl ran through here moments ago."

@hororwritindad *heh* Nothing more lovely that a @ChicRocking a long sword, and covered in someone else's blood.

The glyphs in the stone were unusual, and Rebecca didn't realize that as she murmured @jocastalizzbeth aloud, the Zombie Apocalypse began.

When they found @LilDannyTaylor curled tight into herself and shaking, they thought her lost and frightened. That proved their undoing.

"Take the @L_Bushman," Leona said. "No Zombies on trains." Bushman corrected her: "It's the El." Leona frowned and pushed him off the roof.

By the time the zombies were finished with the @syco_punk, blood and brains were spattered across the station. But his mind was still bent.

Patrick met a strange lady who made him nervous. She offered him an @aussiepill, and said: "This will take you to the Land Down Under."

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