Monday, July 11, 2011

TwitterFic - It's all about you

Unfortunately, most of my time today was sucked out by work. I had to troubleshoot a couple of Web sites, then hammer out some press releases. It's left my brain all wobbly. But no worries. Today's TwitterFic was fun, and I did manage to get a few of them. And there's a lot more on the Web site. Check the archives.

FALSE ASSUMPTION PROVES FATAL: He was foolish enough to believe that as an environmentalist, the @ecovampira would eschew human blood.

We all knew that @drewiscrazy but had no idea as to his zombie sympathies until it was too late, and the gate was flung wide.

"Find the @VampyrMonster!" Dr. Frankenstein snapped at his creation. "You've no blood to lose!" The monster growled, then slapped the doctor

From the @comadarkvale lifts / eyes cry open shatter / the sociopath awakes / citizen for batman

When the local rep tried to sell @amytupper ware, he had no idea Amy was a Zombie. Now Amy has cool plastic to store bite-sized human bits.

"Such a lovely bio picture," he said, trying hard at innocence. "O_about_that," I replied slicing his guts. "The sword's not just for looks"

After following @TiffaneeJones80 thought he had done the right thing. Tiffanee was a beautiful disaster; born of humans raised by Zombies.

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L.J. said...

Awesomely creative, as usual, Diana!