Friday, July 1, 2011

This TwitterFic is about You

That's what TwitterFic is all about. I write short (very short) stories about you, using your username and Tweet it. Once it's seen the Twitter stream, I post them here and link back to the Twitter account. There's hundreds of TwitterFic here. Sort through it. Have some fun, and try your own hand at the micro Flash Fiction I've dubbed TwitterFic.

They thought her a @fictionalgypsy until the curse took hold, and they found themselves thinner day by day.

Though the Zombie didn't yet understand the concept of time, the growling in his stomach told him it was time for a lunch of @heroesnhearts.

We found the @wayward_scribe deep undercover chronicling the the horde's behavior. Unfortunately, long exposure to zombies eats at the mind.

Under the @MeadowMoon, the werewolf shifted into her more comfortable furry form. She stretched, then gave chase to screaming humans.

He'd prayed to Cthulhu, a @lovecraftiangod and high priest to the Great Old Ones. But, the zombies behind paid no attention to prayers.

Upon finding @VickiDeath stretched out one bony hand. "Not yet!" Vicki snapped. "I've artwork to finish. You can wait by the door."

"The zombies are coming, @elizabethsogard the door and don't let them breach the windows!" No one realized Elizabeth was a zombie sympathizer.

It was being a @KISS_Fan that was his eventual undoing, as the recently turned zombie's lips were too lovely to resist.

When the @starcrusades began, we were full of hope that the stars would be crawling with life. Instead, we found death and zombies.

We found that @shades_of_sylar still haunt the asylum, where when he died, his personalities split.

"No, no, no!" the ancient screamed at the fledgling. "It's @KissCaressBite, not the other way around!"

When police found the @Newswriter22, they were shocked. His body was stone, but for a silver tongue, and that was pounded flat.

He found her quite beautiful, though deadly, as she was covered in @Rubyviolence: but he was a sucker for a woman slippery with blood.

The original Living Dead Girl was known as @RaVeN___X marks the spot where she clawed free of mortality.

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