Thursday, July 7, 2011

TwitterFic is getting Easier to Write

Maybe it's just because I've been pounding away at these for the last couple of weeks, but TwitterFic is getting easier to write. For those of you who are confused: TwitterFic is micro-fiction - 140 characters or less, but the challenge I set myself is that must use a Tweep's username in the piece. I twist the names and meanings around, and I make each one of these unique. Here in the blog, all of them are linked back to user accounts. Read through them. Let me know what you think.

Color vision is rare among zombies, and so the rest of the horde was shocked when one noted: "@Osumpinkgirl just dashed around the corner!"

When the angel swept in out of the @Icey_darkness, we all felt that salvation was near. That was until we realized she too was a zombie.

"When the @yellowdove07 is released, that's the signal to attack," Billy said. Christy nodded, but neither knew the horde was at their back.

Hearing the growl, she knew the @Literarygrrrl was protecting her book from the @TennesseeZombie girl. "I backed slowly out of the room."

When you're @born_fighting, you know that you've got to take life by the throat and demand that every moment be memorable.

When Jen fell to the zombie horde during the Apocalypse, Sylv willingly joined the horde so that the sisters could remain @Twisted_Twins.

Orlando found a bit of gore in his spaceship and held it up accusingly. "@O_about_that," Ramos said. "I had to shoot a zomibe. Sorry."

Vicious horror vixens! @ssraven @HorrorMistress Beautiful, seductive, deadly. #Follow or die.

"When @americascreams my name," she said, "then I'll know success." Behind her, the zombie screamed, but didn't know her name.

As the @Screamqueenarmy approached the barrier, Chris lifted his rifle. "Shit," he said. "Zombies were easier to kill than Scream Queens."

"As I said before," Catherine snapped at the waiter. "The term zombie is offensive. We prefer to be referred to as @EndlesslyDead."

The walls were splashed with blood, a bright @RubyViolence, and we knew that she'd been using the whip again.

"I'm telling you, @JakeBannerman." He waved his hands to emphazize that she should be banned. "Zombies got no place coming in here!"

While try to fill in @TheBlankSpaces in her story, zombies battered down the door and did their own filling in.

It was her @HorrorFixation that allowed the zombies to enter the building. After that, the rest of the compound was breached.

"I was loading the undead in @myZombieWagon when one of them sat up," Ray said. But he didn't finish the story, and hid the bite on his arm.

Taylor glanced back at Kristi. "Come on, @ChikBQuick!" he screamed. "These zombies are sprinters!"

Securing the @Borders after the Zombie Apocalypse was our first priority. Food and shelter came second.

When he found the @_DeadHooker in the Trunk, he knew the @Twisted_Twins were involved. What he didn't know was where to bury the body.

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