Friday, July 1, 2011

TwitterFic - Catching up before the weekend

This is the latest batch of TwitterFic, micro-stories about the folks I follow on Twitter. More to come as the muse beats me.

Unfortunately, the Zombie Apocalypse prevented him from ever proving his theory that @MILF_Squared = Nirvana.

Chaos, ferocity and @Rubyviolence was all she sought in life. But it wasn't until death in the jaws of a vampire that she found all three.

"I @MissRoseSeven said, blinking back tears. "She called me by my given name, instead of 7." Outside, Rose slavered, victim of a zombie.

Four @ToTheChest did little good against the Zombie leading the horde. "The head, damnit!" Pete screamed. But the warning came too late.

Shannon insisted on being referred to as @TheMacLeod, as the rest of her family had joined "The Cult of the Zombie."

When she found the @ruby_claire raised it triumphantly over her head. Above her, a harpy screamed, swooped and snatched the jewel away.

"If found some @DeadwoodViolet," Ann called out. "Now that Charles was bitten, we'll need to burn the body before he turns zombie!"

When she found the spatter of @BloodRayne knew she was on the trail of vicious killer. What she didn't know was that the killer was undead.

While she waited for @fairweatherabi tried to count the number of zombies struck by hail, that were as large as golf balls.

It was when @WilliamDeen found out that there were gods among us that he chose the path of the living dead.

For a child, it was a @wickdplayground. For the rest of us, it was a surreal canvas of nightmares and chaos.

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