Friday, July 29, 2011

More to Come - Got to Get Out of Work First

When he saw the @ZombieDog_SF, Jason realized he was well and truly fucked. Now that the virus was cross-species, he'd never stop the horde.

As she followed @LibbyHeily reflected on their day. Libby had managed to stop the zombies, but Heily had still been bitten.

"Quit yer @WritingGirlie! We got to defend the windows!" But Michelle was caught in metaphor and rhythm, and missed the zombies at the door.

We thought an elephant gun, big enough to @piercebooks, would be enough to stop the zombie horde. Apparently, we miscalculated.

When the zombie horde overran @LA_Tafe took to his heels. But as fast as he was, Tafe couldn't outrun Rage zombies.

As he followed @TimGreaton thought something wrong. Bits of gore dropped from Tim's hands, and too late, Greaton realized Tim was a zombie.

@threeand10 blackbirds weaved in from skies lead-gray and sullen. Avoiding the violent flutter of black wings, Lee kept to lean shadows.

"All right, @StephanieSaye the zombie's name softly." Steph, tranced and compliant, did as she was told. Outside, the zombie stirred.

I knew they were @twisted_twins when I got in the car. But I never suspected they had a @_DeadHooker in the Trunk.

No one who knew her would have guessed that Amy was such a zombie ass-kicker. She had always appeared to be such an @ArtsyBookishGal.

He thrashed as they dragged him to the edge of the boat: "@WWSharkbaitWW?" he wubbled. "I won't do it!" Below, the zombie shark circled.

Ian demanded that his name be prounced correctly: "@IanMacGregger," he ennunciated crisply. The zombie gurgled and bit off Ian's tongue.

@TheMacLeod <- sole survivor of a zombie ambush. Try to keep up with the ones who are both smart and fast!

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