Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Working again on TwitterFic

It's nice to know if my legs fail, I've got my @CreepyWalker. If I can't kick ass, at least I can whack 'em about the head and shoulders

Looking to @Derek4words to calm the crowd, Fournier noticed that Derek was teetering on the edges of sanity.

When she realized that the woman of her nightmares carried a @Chainsaw_Sally had to rethink how she saw her waking hours.

Finding @spectralmuses to guide your writing isn't so difficult. The recipe is coffee: one part beans, one part chocolate, one part dreams.

The audience howled at the antics of the @ZombiePuppets, until the puppet master cut the strings, and the puppets continued to move.

Even though I knew that she was @kNotOfGod, I follow Crystal because of her monstrous beauty and ferocious intellect.

"Open @thezombiebible to the Second Chapter of Groaning and repeat after me." Even though zombies can't read, they know how to groan.

We realized the end of the world was close when the @ZombieDog_SF was found; the Rage virus had found a way to jump the species barrier.

While we thought it @SinisterProse that he scrawled, none of us realized that Killeen had been given the entire Necronomicon in a dream.

Safe, he scrawled the name of the demon, @TyrKieran, in his own blood. Finished he sat back; beside him a half-seen flicker solidified.

We thought her @Mad4Passion, but when she devoured the postman, we realized that she was well and truly mad.

When George recived a preview copy of @GPWriter, he didn't know it was a rogue program, released by a psychotic techie.

When she finally found @edenbaylee, thought herself safe from the horde. But Baylee didn't know that zombies had planted corruption.

As @twisted_twins, they vowed loyalty to one another through best and worst. That came in handy when they found a @DeadHooker in a Trunk.

Seeking the woman known simply as @LaFemmeLestat skulked dark city streets. But it was LaFemme who found Lestat and made him her own.

Tanya didn't realize that the @VEscritoire was an obscure volume of magic. As she spoke what she believed to be a poem, her breath became fire.

Though Sean @ReadHeavily throughout most of his life, even he was surpised when books sprang to life, and words scurried like ants.

Finding the tree emblazoned with the letters @BA_Matthews turned left toward town. Further up the path zombies waited patiently for Matthews

Before being shortened to the "t-virus," researchers called it @TLogicLive, as they thought it would assure life after death.

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