Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When you've just got to create - TwitterFic

This morning's work of TwitterFic is below. For those of you who may be baffled, TwitterFic is micro-fiction. All works are 140 characters or less. What makes this more difficult is that Twitter usernames are mangled into shape and used for the fiction. More to come later.

His fright was so bad, he spoke quickly, jamming his words together. "I dunno, man. It was @bguglyhryscry." Then he keeled over, dead.

Larsen spoke to her harshly: "@hazelindeed, I think we're done here!" Hazel snatched a pen and stabbed him in the eye. "Not till I say so!"

Though he'd not seen a Zombie in the city prior to this, he knew that the @caniblekitty was but a precursor of deadly things to come.

The first 82 attempts had ended in failure. But he kept at his experiments, dubbing @TheFool83 as his greatest success.

"Stick to @hororwritindad," Chris said, looking up at his father. "Being a zombie is harder than it looks."

"Hey @EricVik's been taken by the Trolls!" Erik jumped up and grabbed his gear. "Get ready," he said, "for an insane summer."

No one realized that a pagan could be Turned under a @MeadowMoon. It was their last mistake and they were her first meal.

The boots had been magicked, and Sarah was split into many. Each, however, retained her name, and the multitude was called @SarahakaLegion.

To her face, he called her Queen. Behind her back, Devereaux named her @IvyditzyWolf. Tonight he suffers for his indescretion.

Were it not for Marek's keen eye, the @FulciHolocaust might have gone unnoticed. But only Marek knew the tie between Fulcis and Zombies.

Before religion embraced technology, no one thought an afterlife could be mechanized. Now masses wait quietly in line for the @SaviorMachine.

When we saw the @PsychicTwinkle, we knew there was a problem. What we didn't realize was that it was a prelude to her full on shine

When Amanda heard a thud, she knew the @BunnyReview had an effect on Joshua. But she didn't know that Joshua was part of the Zombie horde.

"Look out for @thezombiemike!" But Mike had zoned out to his iPod, listening to a madman's lullaby. Now he's part of the horde.

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