Friday, July 8, 2011

Today's TwitterFic was Huge Fun

I'll be working late tonight, and I've got to come in to work for a while tomorrow. But somehow, I'll find the time to work on new TwitterFic; it's too much fun! This is today's work. Let me know what you think.

---"We caught @AlexSeverin the body into tiny, bite-size chunks." The sergeant was sweating profusely. "We knew it was Eden."

Though @RachelBoleyn never gained the notoriety of her sister Anne, she knew how to take a man's head off and make it look like an accident.

As a @DemonXDiantha was used to violence, hellfire and chaos. It was laughter that brought out her rage.

"Honestly, officer. That @99blujeep just came out of nowhere!" The cop nodded. "Good thing," he said. "Or that zombie would have eaten you."

She knew the rage came from within. That's why the Lady added the sixes to her name: @6lady6noir6

Unlike her sister, Isabela eschewed ashes to work with fire. Yet still, she caught the family name and was known as @CinderBella16

It was that the frog *glittered* that caught Vicki's attention. That was the amphibian's downfall, cause everyone knows @VickiLikesFrogs

Patrick's poetry calmed @Cthulhu23 for decades, yet still the Demon God felt that a Zombie Apocalypse was necessary for cleansing.

The zombie was momentarily befuddled by the sound of @onevoicesmiling, yet still it managed to track Bobby down.

Natasha had just settled in with @AGreatBook, when a vicious pounding at the door began. "Zombies," she thought. "Always in a rush."

When zombies heard the title to the new TV show, @Boymeeetsworld, somehow only the words "boy meat" stuck in their heads.

I knew the monster was @kNotOfGod when I saw that it's body was crystal: Something that lovely also must be both deadly and delightful.

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