Friday, July 29, 2011

The Twitter Circle-Jerk

For those of you not familiar with the term "circle-jerk," all I'll say is that it's a term that makes teenaged boys giggle uncontrollably. If you've really got to know what it means, Google the term and take the link to the Urban Dictionary.

There's a sort of circle-jerk going on around Twitter. It happens with a variety of accounts, and I've seen the bot-spam show up several times in my Followers list. What makes Twitter Circle-Jerk so odious, is that it almost looks like a real follower.

I don't indiscriminatly add followers. My list of followers and those that I follow was built up by hand, not machine. I didn't use Tweet Adder or some other program to find people who are like-minded. I sought them out myself. That means that when someone follows me, I check out their account.

That's how I found the Twitter Circle-Jerks - by manually taking a look at the account to discern whether the user was real. Take a look at the users below, and you'll see that they all have something in common:

@Francescaywk @_health4life @aeroponics_how @felix2see @WeedLoving @EnvironmentHelp @chadpeterson1

Three new usernames added to a new circle-jerk
@desirae_charity @Heygidday @prayerbiker

This is the biggest circle-jerks I've seen on Twitter. This one spans a huge number of accounts, and I think I'm only scraping the surface with these.

@FictionEbooks7 @CarEbooks @FreedomEbooks @VegetarianEbook @HistoryEbooks @GamesEbooks @Insomnia_books @CraftsEbooks @Credit_ebooks @ebooks_authors @FishingEbooks @Company_Ebooks @Arthritis_ebook @PepperEbooks @EducationEbook @FreedomEbooks @JourneyEbooks @Men_And_Woman @Company_Ebooks @AthleteEbooks @HairEbooks @SolersSportsEbk @FriendsEbooks @1000_ebooks @FreeEbooks7 @ExerciseEbooks @Marriage_Ebook @MamaEbooks @SpeakEbooks @EBusiness_Ebook @AcneEbooks @HouseEbooks @ChristmasEbook @DiabetEbooks @FootballEbooks @Health_Ebooks @CoverDdesign @InvestingEbookz @Ebook_Compilers @DepressionBook @Hosting_Ebooks

This is what I call a Twitter-Circle Jerk. One account teases to another, teases to another, teases to another, all the way around until the circle is complete.

Feel free to add circle-jerks if all it is you're looking for is a follower count. But for quality followers, take the time to check out Twitter accounts.


RL.Treadway said...

Nice of you to post that info! I manually look for or check out new followers as well - some of them were flat out spammers, easily blocked. The funny ones retweet your stuff and act like they're already following you :p

James Garcia Jr said...

Thanks, Diana, for the post. Some of this stuff we figure out the hard way, so it's very cool that you took the time to assist others. I could have done without the circle-jerk image, however.
Take care,


D. D. Syrdal said...

Surprising to see how many genuine followers accounts like these can gather. I do what you do, scope them out, read their tweets. Maybe because of all that I get very little spam, and have never had a DM spam.