Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday's TwitterFic - Week's Almost Done!

I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. I had some Linux issues to sort out on my PC, and my daughter wanted to watch the TIVOed episode of True Blood. I had writing to do, but I just couldn't concentrate. I might have gotten 50 words done, and I was shooting for 500. I hate when that happens. But what's worse is that I woke up at 4 a.m. - four hours early for work. And I was exhausted. Shit. I really hate when that happens. But this afternoon, something clicked, and I cranked out a bunch of TwitterFic. I can't say how. It just comes to me. If you want a customized shout out, let me know.

We were not surpised that we found @XanderGrimm at the news of his lover's death. What surprised us was his hand in the entrails.

His words were guttural, his eyes wild: "Come on @StephanieSaye you love me!" She had waited for this moment and silently twisted the knife.

"We find the @DeadReckless and violent," the researcher said. "Too reckless to survive for long." Unfortunately, his prediction was wrong.

When we found @kendallgrey1 step away from the body, we knew she was responsible. What we didn't know was that Kendall was a zombie.

Putting the growl into books wasn't difficult for the @Literarygrrrl. It was not biting the patrons of the library that proved impossible.

When we found that @LadyAndronica was given to violent rages, we sent her to the Senate where she could deal with politicians as necessary.

As an @AuthorTiffany could justify her prediliction for murder by calling it "research for my next story."

When Alleigh shifted into her more comfortable form as a panther, she retained enough of her humanity to be referred to as an @alleighkat15.

@mariefrizelle'd the young man before telling him that "frizelle" was another way of saying "cooked perfectly."

As a former heavy metal performer, Phil was ecstatic at his death to be reborn as a @metal_wraith - until he tried to pass through a wall.

"@LynMidnight approaches!" Violeta turned to her friend. "Beware the vampire!" Unfortunately, both neglected to be wary of the ghouls below.

In @TennesseeZombie territory covered most of the state. There were a few human enclaves, though zombies thought of them as cattle pens.

When we caught up with the @twisted_twins, they had already disposed of the @_DeadHooker. Now their psychotic attention was focused on us.

When Venus located @PrincessMiranda, it was too late to her. "Waste not, want not," Venus thought and slit the girl's throat for her bath.

As a @zombiejenna found that she didn't worry about fashion anymore. But she did inspect her teeth daily in the mirror for bits of human.

When she found the @PrincessMarijke dragged her to safety. But Marijke didn't know that the princess had already been bitten.

Although @AngelaAddams wasn't as well known as Gomez and Morticia, Angela was still a #Temptress in her own right.

Melissa thought @Mys_Moore a bit bossy, so when the chance presented itself, Melissa pushed her off the roof to the zombie horde below.

Coating her lips in @Rubyviolence was only the first step in a night of mayhem and madness: She still had bodies to devour.

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