Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday's TwitterFic (and some of Thursday)

I got behind yesterday, and didn't get the TwitterFic posted. So I'm combining it with this morning's. Once I get caught up at work, I plan to write more. I've got lots of followers out there that I haven't yet fed to the zombies.

It was with the beginning of the @starcrusades that humanity roused the Zombie horde. Now it's the dead-alive who've taken the stars.

RJ rifled through the @Securityfiles startled by what he found: Federal documents outlining the need for a necessary plague, the Apocalypse.

When they found @FletcherBell's rang as a signal that he was alive. Unfortunately, the signal was premature. Fletcher had been bitten.

Though he was @immovablefear didn't stop Robbie from screaming as the Zombie gnawed at his guts.

It was the double-x in his name that gave away @DemienSixx's Zombie sympathies. X's for eyes indicated a love of the dead-alive.

Early in life, she was swept into the @VorteXya, yet somehow survived. We should have realized then that she was a vampire.

Upon seeing @AmyLunderman paused. Lunderman wasn't used to seeing a woman alone at night. Too late, Lunderman realized Amy was a Zombie.

"Today in @ZombieeNews, the corpses have broken through the last barrier." The newscaster's eyes widened. The cameraman was clearly infected

"LynMidnight isn't that far off," her Fairy Godmother fretted. "We must be away!" Lyn ignored the fairy, and danced into the red dawn.

It was during battle that Blue swept the field clean of zombies with a single scream. That battle was recorded as the @BlueSleighty.

The @ssraven swooped low over the field of battle, picking at the corpses of zombie and human alike.

A thousand years ago, Jason learned to craft @Fear_In_Words. The spell yet lingers, and children shiver in their beds.

Out of the @Icey_darkness the first Angel came, brilliant white, with a shattering scream: We thought it the end of the Zombie Apocalypse.

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Andy Penpraze said...

Hi Diana,
Just discovered you via Amy Tupper's blog. Love the concept and respect for the ingenuity. I even struggle with Flash Fiction, being concise is an under-rated skill.