Thursday, June 30, 2011

More of Today's TwitterFic

There's more to come later tonight, but for now I have to get some work done. Enjoy the #TwitterFic. Let me know if you've got a favorite that I've missed in posting.


As she reached for the apparently untended book, Shana heard the warning growl. "Ah," she said. "This must belong to the @Literarygrrrl."

Too late, scientists discovered that @Morbidementia was the result of the Zombie virus - not the cause.

For @Liz_Downey St. was the culmination of her dreams. She was Queen now. And it didn't matter one bit that her subjects were all Zombies.

Once @suzisquared off her fangs, they thought it impossible for her to bite anymore. Silly humans: Vampires regenerate.

Afer he located @Janelle_Jensen boarded up the windows against the horde. Too late, Jenson realized that Janelle had been bitten.

Few painters wanted the commission the Zombie offered for her portrait, but Dennis was a @decadentartist, and he didn't mind the smell.

As a @WerewolfMike didn't mind cold, rain nor snow. It was the fleas that drove him into the arms of the Zombie horde.

"Yo @benmind the store for me while I'm gone." What Ben didn't know was that Miller wasn't coming back, as outside the door was the horde.

The Zombie found that being @EndlesslyDead wasn't near as appealing as he thought. But that was before Catherine crossed over.

They thought her a @fictionalgypsy until the curse took hold, and they found themselves thinner day by day.

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