Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flash Fiction - 140 Characters or Less

"Can you describe the car that hit you?" The cop held pencil to paper. "Yeah, it was a @99blujeep that was #following me too closely."

When written down, folks found it harder to #follow @Mabbierulez than first expected. The rulez were arbitrary and involved unicorns at sea.

"Music is the best therapy, but @ImHaunted by visions." He handed her a camera. "Show me what's inside your head."

"Yo @Todd_Russell me up some grub!" Frank, unfortunately, didn't realize that Todd had been bitten by a zombie.

"We need to dump @JezebelsBody before she turns." His nerves were shattered by the recent violence. "Hey! Did she just move?"

The floors were slick with blood, a @Rubyviolence of mayhem and madness.

No one knew Poe was a zombie until after he bit her. Now she's known as the @Literarygrrrl, because she growls when she reads.

It was her @ZombieFetish that allowed her to join the horde. But it was her style that allowed her to lead it.

He criticized her work as a @neurotic_review. She stabbed him in the eye with a hat pin. "What did you expect?"

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