Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Latest 140-Character Flash

@SarahSpann'd the distance twixt her and the zombie with the bar of a Poulan chainsaw - getting just close enough for the rip and tear.

RECIPE FOR FLYING COW: 2 Diddles, Cat, Fiddle, Dish, Spoon, Cow, @MoonFly_Fairie Dust - Combine ingredients, mix well for dimensional shift

Mulder wasn't one to read @Securityfiles, as they were rarely as daring as those marked with a red X. Three Xs meant extra daring.

Zombie bites aren't just fatal, but hell on the complexion. Being dead robs the cheeks of rosy red. That's why she's known as @kendallgrey1.

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KendallGrey said...

Yay for zombies! Hahahaha! Thanks for including me in your 140 Character Flash. :-)