Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Short-short Twitter stories

"@BiteNice," he said. "Fuck that," I thought, and tore out his throat. (and not a sparkle to be seen)

"@SayeMyName," she said. "Go ahead. I dare you." I started to speak, then realized the ruse.

"No, Johnny. There's no such thing as an @EvilEyeMonster." That's when I bit the head off of Johnny's dad.

Good reading at her site, but I've said it before: There's something dangerous in the eyes of @allieburkebooks.

"The door! Goddammit! The door!" I whacked him with @myzombiejournal, but it was too late: They were inside.

"So, can do @SPCWrite?" She sighed, twirled her ink pen, then stabbed him in the eye. "If you gotta ask ..."

"Don't worry, dude," he called out. "It's @Just_Alison." Too late, they found out she'd been bitten. Now zombies own the compound.

@shehesitated long enough for the zombie to get close. He was an old boyfriend, after all. That thought led her to grab the sledgehammer

It followed her everywhere, until they became single word: letters jammed together as a whole @judyblackcloud. One day, came the lightning.

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