Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You've got a Username, I've got a Story

When choosing between the gems and his life, greed got the best of him. @BloodyEmeralds mark the spot where he made his last stand.

He pulled a pin from his cheek. "No tears please, it's a waste of suffering." That was the cue for @_Spo0ky_ music.

He shuddered, and his skin twitched with the @KnightChills that fed his fever. Outside, the horde howled it's impatience.

"Don't be @ShyAbby." The zombie stepped forward. She'd never known one that could speak; that's why in end, she let it get too close

No one had seen a @zombie_skill in the past: Humanity thought Zombies untrainable. That's how the horde managed to grow unchecked.

With the world burned to @Ash_Zombiie Ashton was all that was left - starving.

Jason was on his way to a normal childhood, until he found out the "L" in @JasonLVorhees stood for "Laverne."

Satan snarled and angrily snatched back the contract. He'd been bested again, this time by the third generation - @Gabrielle_Faust


KendallGrey said...

My fave is the Jason one about his middle name being Laverne. Priceless. :-)

DianaTrees said...

I like all of them, Kendall, but I do have my favorites. Jason's ranks up there pretty high.

I'm enjoying the hell out of these, and I've got another 70 or so to post. Yet I keep generating more every day. It's good writing exercise.

Thanks for reading!