Friday, June 17, 2011

Diana Trees' Latest Flash Fiction

I'm catching up with the Flash a bit at a time. This is what I posted tonight. I'm going to format it, then it's off to sleep.

As a spy's name, Filomena Codswaddle Cootiecatcher was too obtrusive. So she shortened it to @FC_Cootie for anonymity to hide in shadows.

On @MundieMike took out the trash. Unfortunately, trash day was Tuesday. Monday was zombie day. Now Mike's part of the horde.

They thought it was the Masters of Horror who dished out the terrors, but it was the @HorrorMistress who skinned and dished out the Masters.

"Yo, dude! I'm sure @ItsMikeandIke at the door. Go ahead and open it!" But he was wrong, and Zombies crashed into the room.

When Vader started @Darkside_Films, he didn't know that he'd opened the doorway for the @Darkside_Girl.

"Momma?" The boy looked up. "I @MissDeAnnah." Momma shook her head and sighed. "Sorry, child. She's gone to join the Zombie horde."

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