Sunday, June 19, 2011

Still More Twitter-style Flash Fiction

Each one of these is hand-coded. That is, I have to link the username back to the Twitter account for this to make any sense. You need to see the people online to get a little bit more from the short stories. Take the username links if you've got a Twitter account. That way, you'll see what I'm saying.

He liked to be called "His Majesty," and demanded that we #follow two steps back. Behind him, we shortened it to @HMMADNESS

FAMOUS LAST WORDS: "Let him out of the @KageAlan." I nodded toward the cell. "I'm sure he won't shift tonight."

For now, she survived the Zombie Apocalypse. But that's only because she was @fasterthanpinky.

"Kneel?" The vampire grinned widely, showing sharp fangs. "@SayeMyName, demon, and then we'll dance."

They had tried guns and knives. Nothing seemed to work. But a stake carved from red oak, plunged into his heart, left him @DustinAshe

"There were two of them," she told police. "I think they were @twisted_twins." The cop nodded. "They found the @_DeadHooker in the Trunk."

NEWS FLASH - Old man beats three punks to death at local department store. He blames his @CreepyWalker More information to #follow

She looks sweet and innocent. But @RebeccaTLittle has a wild side that escapes in her work

YA writer with style: @sirra_girl

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