Monday, June 27, 2011

Tonight's TwitterFic - It's about You

If we had realized it was @neilhimself, we would have let the Zombie pass. As it was, the only one who have recognized Gaiman had been taken by the horde.

It was an odd tune that the @Strange_Grl sang, yet still we were happy that the Zombie followed her through the streets.

When @MinaBurrows beneath the covers, the room clears quickly as we know that she's about to shift.

When Diana @BentAlice over the balcony, we were certain they'd fall to their deaths. We needn't have worried, as they were both already dead

I prefer my life a @Rubyviolence, sweet and soaked in blood.

In fighting the Zombie horde, she preferred her guns to match her taste in men: @bigrhardrfastr

Linus hated visiting the @pumpkinmorgue, but couldn't avoid the police demand to identify Charlie Brown's body. "Curse you, Great Pumpkin!"

"Dude, if you offer a @zombieliquorice, it loses interest in brains!" Unfortunately, Jason took Jeff at his word.

Lenora laid out her best @BloodBoneChina for her guests. Unfortunately, the Zombie horde made it to dinner ahead of the invited.

It's rarely known, but Poe, when excited, spoke with a slight lisp that was most evident in the line "Quoths the @ssraven nevermore."

Zombies proved to be more evasive than @claypigeons45, but a shotgun was still a good choice against the horde.

She was @born_fighting, and that's how she lives: A knife to the throat of life, demanding more of each moment.

She was such a @Lovely_Corpse, that when she was reanimated as a Zombie, we didn't have the heart to put her down.

"Don't let @Allykiss you," he warned. "Her eyes can bedazzle a butterfly. There's no telling what a kiss will do." Still, I sought her lips.

When @emilystorms into the room, we know there's bad news to follow. This time it was the worst news possible: "The horde approaches," she said.

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