Thursday, December 22, 2011

Not all spam is bad spam

Some of it's quite tasty!

Spam to our blogs and emails is overall a bad thing. The gigabytes of spam that traverses the Net clogs email accounts, wastes bandwidth, and is overall a pain in the ass.

But not all spam is bad. The meat product is quite tasty, especially when fried up crisp and served with over-easy eggs.

But even Internet spam isn't all bad. Every day I get spam to one of my WordPress blogs. Most of it is crap. But some of it ... well, it's downright entertaining. The surreal quality of the non-native English speaker's attempts to get me to buy a product, or simply allow the backlink to remain on my server are delightful! Take this most recent example:

"I’ve to state that I respectfully disagree with some of this data as I have lots of encounter inside the make any difference, but I think you might have nevertheless designed a few superior details."

If you turn your head sideways, this one almost makes sense. The language has a simplistic flow, and there are both verbs and nouns to keep the interest. And yet - the message doesn't quite make it.

My other example is even more fun. Check it out:

"The majority of anything you state has become amazingly genuine and also it causes me and my friends want to know for what reason I personally hadnt investigated it within this light-weight just before. This approach element truly made button light upon to me as far as this sort of subject material moves. Is far more efficient an individual situation Get consequently as well secure by using whilst I aim in order to reunite that with the biggest perception of this challenge, allow everyone observe just what all the rest in the readership need to declare. Wonderfully succesfully done."

I love that one. I'm guessing an auto-translator, but I'm not sure even one of the bot translators on the Web would do such a bad job. No ... I'm thinking it was a lunatic.

And that makes me smile.

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Billy Kravitz said...

Good observations. What you got WAS entertaining. All I get is a flood of meaningless referral spam. It distorts the data. Lately it APPEARS to be from right here, but they can fake anything. Once in a while a notorious spammer URL will send legit looking traffic, but I can't tell. Wish they'd at least leave humorous messages like yours. Thanks for the post.