Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tonight's TwitterFic - It's about You 2

The spell was inscribed into Michael's flesh with @Blackfireink taken from a phoenix's heart. That's why as a zombie, he's indestructable.

When he found it, Philip held the @philo_diamond high and screamed his joy, until the harpie swooped and snatched it from his grasp.

"It @RGoodship," the zombie growled. "It have lots of meat inside." Trapped in the hold, a hundred humans shivered in anticipation.

"We need the @Kindlbookreview of the Necronomicon," he said. "That's our only hope of ending this zombie plague."

We found @RichardTEckhart's legs by the busted bicycle, where the zombie horde tore him to pieces.

We took advice to @ReadHeavily as the best defense against zombies. Alas, upon conversion, zombies lose literacy and tend to devour readers.

They called @JeannieWalker1, because Jeannie was the first zombie to stop shuffling and stride quickly after her prey.

When Jennifer saw the @ShadowPhoenix32 swoop down over the city, she knew the Zombie Apocalypse was about to begin.

It was a simple spell with one word: @jezri1. Yet, only with the proper accent would it bring Nirvana. Otherwise, Armageddon beckoned.

I really love the @twisted_twins. Did I say love? I meant stalk. Did I say stalk? I meant to say shove them in a Trunk with a @_DeadHooker

"We've got to get @AmyLunderman said. "She's the key to the zombie infection." Too late, Lunderman found out that Amy had broken free.

"We've got the big gun," James screamed "The @BumpFire2012. That'll stop 'em!" But no matter how big the gun, the zombies kept coming.

"Beware the @fire_lass. It's the only way we can be sure the zombies are dead." But Sonya was already a zombie, and smothered the flames.

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