Friday, May 13, 2011

Meaningless Twit

There's a cutesy application going around Twitter, pressing digital lips and tongue to your screen as an apparent way to show affection. As an application of love, #Twitkiss is fine for the younger set - those horny-as-hell pre-pubescent teens and the barely conscious 20-somethings rolling around in beer and whore-moans.

But when it comes to the older group - especially those of us who've never seen one another and will likely never see one another - the #Twitkiss comes across as creepy and self-serving.

I guess this goes back to the psycho-ex who could walk into the room and say "Love you," to my daughter without meaning it. Words symbolizing affection spewed from the psycho's lips like vomit.

The psycho-ex would have had no problem sending a #Twitkiss to every single person, everywhere, because "love" meant nothing.

I think that's why the #Twitkiss irritates me so much. If you've no intention of pressing your real lips to my real lips, then keep the Twit off my screen.


Ruby Violence said...

Bites and sexy bloody kisses babe!

xo Ruby V

L.J. said...

I couldn't agree more. I first saw this phenomena yesterday and felt like I accidentally clicked on the Twitter mating service.