Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thanks for the feedback

I got feedback on the cover design from many of the good folks at Twitter. Some liked it the way it was. Others suggested changes.

While I am a true, fucking goddess, the ways and means of Gimp are vast. There's

always some way to do something - ways to tweak art and images to perfection.

Alas. That kind of perfection is beyond my grasp, but Dustin Ashe kicks ass at that kind of stuff. Me? I work at it long and hard. Most times, I end up overworking an image. This is probably one of those times.

But still, I'm happy with the result. And making me happy is what I'm all about. My happiness matters.

So, this is the new cover. I'll likely sleep on it overnight, but just as likely, it's the cover that you'll see on Amazon and Smashwords.

And for those who offered their feedback ... You won't be forgotten.



Indigo said...

I like the final, if this is the one. Less busy than the other where you name was on a separate graphic altogether.

Here you've streamlined the two images into one beautiful cover.

I know this isn't easy to do. I can usually play around with pictures, but using a different tyecast not so much.

Love Dustin Ashe's stuff as well, just recently been introduced to his work. (Hugs)Indigo

Indy Armada said...

Looks great, Diana! Seems I have some competition. ;)